Saturday, December 03, 2022

Dolls and Holidays

Got a late start today with breakfast and Match Game '76. Songwriter and composer Martin Hamisch and Isobel Sanford of The Jeffersons joined in for two of the best episodes of the year. The first featured Charles and Martin writing a song for Phonecia, the adorable contestant who sweetly sobbed when Isobel helped her with "Tug __." The second ended with the duo writing a song for Brett. 

My friend and her daughter and I drove down to Extra Storage in Lawnside to get my Christmas decorations soon as the rain we had all morning ended. Truth be told, I'm not that crazy about having everything in storage. My friend agrees and says I may be able to keep most of my things I can't fit in my room in her basement after the New Year. I actually think the old Victorian dresser I used as junk drawers may be able to work into my rooms, and I've cleared spots for the Christmas containers in the closets.

Picking up my Christmas containers proved to be far easier than picking up my boxes back in April. We got in, drove in the back, and found the door. I led them to my things. We grabbed three containers, left, and loaded them into the car. Even grabbed my other three rubber ducks when I noticed the box holding my bathroom stuff broke open. 

Stopped at the small WalMart behind the Acme on our way back. On one hand, I did find these yummy granola bars made with real sugar instead of any type of corn syrup. On the other hand, I remembered why I hate going to that store in the first place. It was crowded and people were frequently rude. As I tried to choose multi-vitamins in the pharmacy department, I heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs because the cashier got a price wrong. I decided I could get the vitamins in a place with more pleasant customers, bought my things as fast as I could, and got out. 

(And of course, once I got home, I realized I'd left at least two bins of Christmas items behind, including the tree. I'm hoping either Amanda or my friend will be able to take me back tomorrow.)

Spent the next hour or so eating lunch and watching Nutcracker Fantasy. I go further into this dreamy stop-motion fairy tale from the creators of Hello Kitty at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Dressed the dolls for Christmas next. This year, Barbara Jean gets the purple paisley brocade minidress with the velvet ribbon. It looks more 60's than 70's. Ariel wears Julie's original burgundy crushed velvet jumper with the white lace blouse. I never liked the gold tights and platforms that went with the outfit, so Ariel gets regular white tights and black velvet strap shoes. 

Josefina is pretty as a Spanish princess in her yellow striped-Christmas Dress with the black lace mantilla. Felicity is ready to dance at the ball in her bright blue Christmas Gown. Samantha's in her Cranberry Christmas Dress; the red shoes from her Spring Dress matches perfectly. Molly's in her Evergreen Christmas Dress and borrowed Samantha's black strap shoes. Jessa honors her heritage in the original Chinese New Year outfit from the late 90's and borrows Josefina's black mules to go with them. Whitney's in the gorgeous Snowflake Gown from 2010, a black shrug borrowed from a Springfield Collection outfit, black tights, sparkly bows, and blue-violet flats. 

Finally got to writing after I finished with the dolls. Mostly edited the first sequences to make what happens later a bit clearer. Debralee sees toys bought from a five and dime on the tree when she comes in. I also revised the story Gene says comes with the Nutcracker to make it clear the princess and the doll are under spells.

Didn't break for dinner until nearly 8. After I ate, I finished the night on Kanopy with The Christmas Toy. Rugby the Tiger Cub is the favorite stuffed animal of little Jamie, who got him for Christmas last year. He thinks he's going to be her gift again this year, no matter how much Mew the Cat Toy and Apple the Doll try to explain things to him. It takes Apple's reminder that dolls who are caught out of their boxes are frozen and the near-loss of Mew to make him understand the importance of friendship and passing on our love to the next generation.

I've always found this Muppet proto-Toy Story to be rather sweet. It has two catchy songs, too, the upbeat "Try the Impossible" when Apple convinces the other toys to find Rugby with her and the heartbreaking "Old Friends, Dear Friends" when Rugby realizes he may have lost his only friend. The copy at Kanopy even comes with the original Kermit the Frog intro and finale that are usually cut from most DVDs nowadays. If you want to check out a different Muppet holiday extravaganza and your kids are already Toy Story fans, try them on this one. 

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