Friday, December 09, 2022

Christmastime Sunshine

Started off the day with breakfast and the Charlie & Lola holiday episode. To keep Lola from asking "How Many More Minutes Until Christmas?" Charlie puts up an advent calendar. They're supposed to alternate the days they open the doors, but Lola's not always great at waiting. She gets upset when her letter to Santa is mixed up with Lola's card and thinks her list won't get to him in time. To make matters worse, they can't find the advent door for Christmas Day! They create one that takes them into a world where they help Santa's elves.

Headed out after the cartoon ended. For the first time in weeks, I got to sweep and do carts. Couldn't have been a nicer day for it. We were sunny and breezy, but not too cold or warm for this time of year, probably mid-50's. Between the scent of pine drifting on the breeze from the Christmas tree sellers in the back of the parking lot and the Salvation Army Santa blasting Christmas music, it felt rather festive out there. I did have a harder time keeping up with the carts later as rush hour got busy, and I briefly ended up in a register once to let the self-checkout manager get back there. Otherwise, there were no real problems.

Got my schedule during break. Not too bad. A couple of late days, but it's also all four and six hour shifts, Monday and Wednesday off. They also announced the Acme is reviving its Employee Luncheon. They'll bring the entrees, but employees can bring sides and desserts. Which means, in addition to sending out Christmas packages and finishing my shopping this week, I need to do the cookies.

Picked up some of the last things I need for Christmas. Got gift cards for my sister Anny and my brother Keefe and his wife Julia, along with a gift card holder for Anny and a card for Mom. Picked up muffins for lunch at work next week.

As I rode home tonight, I heard sirens going off in Oaklyn. Saw lights flashing down Goff Avenue when I passed and thought something might be happening there. As I rode up West Clinton to Newton, I saw another fire truck, this one decorated with lights and blasting "Wonderful Christmastime," ride down the street. I totally forgot tonight and tomorrow is when Santa will be out and about in town for kids to meet and greet. He must be coming by fire truck. 

After I got home, I changed and went straight into dinner and Match Game '74. McLean Stevenson was a nut that week! He'd run out and kiss everyone but the contestant, including Richard and Gene. Charles is more interested in making jokes about Gene's couch-upholstery-plaid jacket and makes the most hilarious face when Brett claims they're engaged. 

Worked on wrapping during Match Game '79.  The shows Buzzr's running now never aired on CBS. They were never aired at all outside of New York until GSN ran them in the 2000's. It's too bad, because they were mostly pretty funny. Brianne Leary had her first week as a panelist, while Bill Daily's more than happy to help the contestant with "__ Giants" in the Audience Match...and is very surprised when his answer and not Fannie's is on top! (But then, the show is filmed in California.) 

The second show unfortunately began with some fairly offensive answers to what the mice have in an authentic Japanese house. Everyone is mostly trying to show off for a reporter in the hope that she'll give them a good review. There's also Bill Daily's odd answer to which celebrity the Mounds company wants to name their new candy bar after, which ends with Brett and Brianne mock-beating on him. Gene Rayburn is happier to chat with people in the audience. 

Let Buzzr go into The Newlywed Game while I finished and cleaned up the paper mess. They finally started running the first season of the late 90's version a few weeks ago. This one had a few changes. The set is made to look more like a living room than a typical game show. Gary Kroger is younger, more congenial, and very eager to please. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of this show, but other than Gary and the set, I didn't really see much that was different from the second season with Eubanks. The couples were just as funny, even when asking questions in video segments. 

Finished the night at The Roku Channel with The Bishop's Wife. The bishop of the title is Henry (David Niven), who is hoping to secure enough funds from rich widow Mrs. Agnes Hamilton (Gladys Cooper) to build a lavish cathedral. He's so intent on his goal, he's neglecting his beloved wife Julia (Loretta Young) and daughter Debbie (Karolyn Grimes). His prayers for guidance bring Dudley (Cary Grant) to his home. Dudley claims to be an angel, and indeed, everyone who meets him comes away feeling spiritually enlightened. This includes Julia, who is completely charmed by him. The only one who isn't charmed by him is Henry. He's afraid he may have lost his wife forever, but as their family friend Professor Wutheridge (Monty Wooley) reminds them, Henry is flesh and blood, while Dudley is not. 

I like the 90's remake The Preacher's Wife too, but the original is also excellent. All three leads are delightful, with Grant in particular making a perfectly debonair angel. (Check out his quick method of decorating Christmas trees!)

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