Thursday, December 08, 2022

Yuletide Harts

I desperately needed to sleep in. It's been a long time since I've gotten a full night's sleep. I slept so long, it was noon before I really got going. Watched Match Game '75 while I ate, and then as I worked on my Christmas cards. William "Captain Kirk" Shatner and Broadway star Julie Harris joined in for this memorable week late in the year. The first one featured a young missionary as a contestant whom Richard took to task for pushing "family values" when he didn't have a family of his own. The second threw out some hard answers to "__ Nails" in the Audience Match.

By the time I'd switched to The Smiling Lieutenant, I had begun wrapping Christmas presents. I go further into this 1931 comic operetta featuring Maurice Chevalier as the soldier of the title caught between a naive princess and a smart orchestra leader at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Headed out soon as the movie ended. Got to work just in time. Once again, we were off and on busy, often with grouchy or annoying people. One older man claimed he saw a sweet potato pie on sale for $5. I went to check the price in the bakery, and it definitely said $6.59. There were no sales anywhere near the pies. He kept claiming he saw it on an end table, but I couldn't find that end table. Another older man thought two large Bounty packs were buy-one get-one...and wasn't happy when I checked and told him they were on sale, but not with one free. The tags got stuck on the wrong items. We had so little help, and my line was still so long when I finished, a manager had to come in so I could get out on time.

Was going to watch Match Game '79 when I got home, but Jodie called while I changed. She's fine. Still living in Ocean City, and still hasn't heard from anyone, including Rose. She's also still convinced Rose was after the house and she is totally blameless in what happened last winter, neither of which are true. Rose has a house of her own, and Jodie spent those four months doing nothing but whining, complaining, talking behind my back and Rose's, and having no respect for anyone's feelings but her own. 

I'm just as angry, disappointed, and disgusted with her as I am with Rose. They handled that entire incident badly and are equally to blame for what happened. I don't ignore people who upset me, though. If she really does want me to come down after Christmas, fine, but I'm not going to call or initiate contact with her. 

Finished the night after dinner and a shower on The Roku Channel with Hart to Hart. "'Tis the Season to Be Murdered" when Johnathan finds the detective he hired to give him information on leaks in his toy company dead in a drive-in. He and Jennifer go undercover in their toy manufacturing plant to find the source of the leaks...and learns that a designer may be involved in more than just creating the latest toy robot. 

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