Thursday, December 15, 2022

Rainy Holidays

Awoke to pouring rain. Cheered myself up with breakfast and writing. Gene awakens the ornaments and dime-store toys on the tree. One in particular looks familiar as he nervously slides down the branches. The Nutcracker calls him Major Mint, but he more closely resembles eternally chatty Bill Daily...

Broke for lunch and to watch Match Game '75. This episode ended with a question that asked who Richard would marry. Rona Barrett said Raquel Welch, but everyone else said Charles or Brett. Charles must have turned ten shades of red! This is hilarious if you know anything about the show. Brett and Richard supposedly didn't get along, likely because they competed with each other for screen time. From what I gathered, Richard did get along with Charles...but Charles was gay, and Richard was very straight.

Spent the rest of my early afternoon finishing the cookies. Tried the Honey Bee Cookies recipe from Alpha Bakery, using their idea to roll the cookies in cinnamon sugar. They kind of ended up being honey snickerdoodles. It took a little while to make them, but they sure smelled good in the oven! The gingerbread bars smelled even better, and were a lot faster to make. I even used up the last of the blackstrap molasses I had from the old house on them. 

The rain still came down hard as I pulled the gingerbread bars out of the oven. It was no day for a bike ride. I called Uber...who of course, couldn't come for at least 15 minutes. I should have started the cookies earlier. Of course, I was 10 minutes late getting to work.

Work was boring, when it wasn't a pain in the rear. I had a hard time talking to some people in the express lane. One guy insisted every item was on sale, when it turns out he assumed the tag over the item was the sale price. It's the tag under the item. He refused to listen to me, even when I checked the price. Other than that, we weren't really that busy. I spent a lot of the later part of the night standing around, cleaning registers, organizing, or not doing much of anything. 

It was still raining hard when I finished. Once again, had to call Uber. Though it took them 15 minutes to get there, considering it took me three tries the last time I had to call Uber from work, I was glad he came at all. He did get me home in a little over five minutes, though.

(And it's continued to rain off and on, often hard, for the rest of the night.)

Watched Match Game '79 while loading the remaining bars and cookies into boxes and having dinner. Charles teases Brett about her age, then does Mario Lanza for "__ My Love" in the Audience Match. Gene leads a performance of "Somewhere, My Love" in the audience when that's the top answer.

Switched to Amazon Prime for Buttons: A Christmas Tale. I go further into this holiday melodrama that's the final film of Angela Lansbury at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night on YouTube with Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Santa Claus Caper. This is the first of two Ann and Andy holiday specials Chuck Jones did in the late 70's. Santa's reindeer Comet brings Ann, Andy, and their dog Arthur to the North Pole in order to save Santa's workshop from the Big, Bad Wolf. He wants to cover all the toys with an unbreakable substance called Gloopstick. If the kids can't touch their toys, he figures they'll have to buy them from him. It takes him sealing Arthur in Gloopstick for them to prove that their love for each other and the holiday is stronger than any Gloopstick. 

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