Sunday, April 30, 2023

Dolls On a Rainy Day

Slept in this morning and got a late start with breakfast and my new Classic Fairy Stories CD set. I listened to the second disc with "Three Little Pigs," "Beauty and the Beast," "Jack and the Beannstalk," and "Puss In Boots." These are all pretty straightforward retellings, except "Three Little Pigs." The wolf keeps coming after the third little pig, even after he's gotten the idea he won't blow the pig's house down. He keeps inviting the pig to get vegetables and fruit, but the pig comes out earlier. He finally gets rid of the wolf in the same way the Disney pigs did - via a hot stew pot. 

Made my bed while listening to the CD, then switched to records. Listened to the Buddy Rich jazz record The New One! and another fairy tale, Tale Spinners for Children: Cinderella. From the accents and dialogue straight out of a pantomime, I'm guessing that this is an English recording. It's also pretty straightforward, and very charming, especially Cinderella herself. 

Prepared the dolls for May and warmer spring weather as the records went on. Samantha and Kit are dressed for their May birthdays, Kit in her turquoise flowered dress, Sam in her pink-striped dress and lacy pinafore. Felicity is ready to help me dust in her striped Work Gown. Josefina prepares for Cinco De Mayo on Friday in her red and gold print dress with the ruffled sleeves and black velvet vest. Her Feast Day shawl looks sensational with it. Molly's in a hand-made recreation of her hard-to-find Victory Garden Dress I picked up on eBay with Kit's red strap shoes from her BeForever meet outfit. 

Whitney wears Maryellen's Back to School Outfit with the red, white, and blue bow print and cute red bow-trimmed shoes for Memorial Day. Barbara Jean is the prom queen at the then-new Cherry Hill High East in her bright pink fringed dress, fur wrap, pink vinyl heels, long gloves, and tiara borrowed from one of her sisters' ballet costumes. Jessa keeps things simple in the flower tie-dye t-shirt from one of the hiking outfits, the tight jeans from the Blue-Jean Basics outfit, and a pair of high-top flamingo-print sneakers. Ariel dares to bare her midriff in a ruffled top and floral bell bottoms she got from Lauren for Christmas about three years ago. 

Had a very quick lunch after I finished the ladies, then switched to writing. To Richard's annoyance, Brett plops down between him and Lee and demands to know when they're going to find her cattle. Richard explains that they have a plan right now to make the thugs think they're surrounded...

Finished the night with dinner and one of the longest Match Game weekend marathons to date. This time, everyone keeps their clothes on as they show off some of the fashion of the 70's and 80's. From Gene Rayburn's plaid suits to Richard Dawson wearing his own version of Fannie Flagg's infamous tight t-shirts. from Elaine Joyce in very 80's pastel outfits during the syndicated episodes to the infamous syndicated show where Betty White turns up in a short red dress to show off her gams, you never know what your favorite star will wear next on these episodes!

(Oh, and it's rained for almost the entire day, frequently heavily. There was talk of flooding tonight. I'll believe it. I am soo glad I had today off! I didn't have to go to work and get wet again.)

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