Tuesday, April 18, 2023

No Messing About

Began the morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. For once, it's Lola who teaches Charlie the lesson. He wants to rush through chores to see his favorite show and insists "Will You Please Stop Messing About?" Lola,  however, knows that the best way to get through chores is to have fun with them. It takes an apple-gathering session to finally make Charlie understand how much fun getting work done can be.

Did some job searching next. Still no luck. There's just not much out there. I saw a few data entry jobs on Indeed, but they were full-time, or wanted more skills or experience than I have. I also finally got to making the appointment for a cat scan on my thyroid. 

Switched to writing after that instead. Lee tosses out a series of rapid-fire questions to Richard. She wants to know everything - why he came, where he's from, what he hopes to get from the sheriff job, has he found the bandits yet. Her apprentice Debralee Scott would rather flirt with Richard.

Broke for a quick lunch and to move my winter clothes into a larger container while listening to Jennie. Though this 1963 flop was originally a vehicle for Mary Martin, my real interest was in the 1906  setting and Dietz and Schwartz's not-bad songs. Jennie and her children appear in elaborate action melodramas with her husband James, but his huge props keep backfiring and destroying the theater. She gets an offer from a playwright who's smitten with her, but doesn't want to leave her family at first...until her hubby's latest show literally burns the theater down and he pushes her away again. 

More interesting than the show's poor reputation and short run (it made a little over a month) would indicate. I really do like the songs, including "Waiting for the Evening Train" and "High Is Better Than Low" for Jennie and James and Jennie's big "Before I Kiss the World Good-Bye." Apparently, a so-so script and meandering plot did this one in. Still worth digging around for if you love Martin, Schwartz and Dietz, or love stories of stage history like me. 

Work was a pain in the rear. We were off-and-on busy, mainly due to Senior Discount Day, and some folks were grumpy or not very helpful. And of course, I ended up in the express lane...and got out late when no one bothered to tell me until the last minute there was no one coming in for me.

Rushed home soon as I got out. Went straight into leftovers for dinner and Match Game '79. The week that was very easy on the eyes ended with jokes on "It Ain't __" on the Audience Match. The second half of the show brought in a very excitable contestant who would get even crazier on the first episode of the next week...

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with The Kid from Brooklyn. I go further into this Danny Kaye vehicle from his Goldwyn days about a milkman who becomes a reluctant boxing champ at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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