Wednesday, April 19, 2023

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Got a really quick start this morning. Overslept a little and had just enough time for breakfast before I got dressed and made my way out the door. As it turned out, Karen had a few calls that she had to make before she picked me up and was slightly later than she said she would be, anyway.

We thought we could use the teen area, but they're keeping very important computer equipment there that they don't want any unauthorized people near. We ended up in an enormous conference room. We mostly looked at Rutgers' website and how you would go about signing up for student aid. Rutgers is one of only two schools in New Jersey with full library science courses online; the other is the smaller and more expensive Ramapo. The colleges down here only have courses for school librarians. I wouldn't mind that, but I want more options. We briefly looked at Indeed as well, but there still isn't much there.

After we finished, I strolled across the street to Target. I needed a few things. I'm almost out of mouthwash, D3 vitamins, and regular multi-vitamins. Didn't see either the Sunbelt Bakery granola bars or a weekly planner. All the planners they had were for the full year; I need one that's undated. I did pick up blueberry trail mix, though. Grabbed a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuchino; little too much coffee taste there. Stopped briefly at Dollar Tree to check out their planners, but they were all dated.

Soon as I got home, I put everything away, then went right into lunch and Match Game '77. Dick Smothers and soap star Meg Bennett ended their week with some very strange answers to what a tailor would put on a face after they removed your nose. The panel had more luck with "I Gotta __." 

Headed back out after lunch. Dollar General has Sunbelt Bakery granola bars. They had undated planners, too. Not as big as the one I bought from them last year, but at least they had them. I also picked up a planner to help with home finances.

And I went back out...because it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny and bright, but very windy and dry, and the wind was quite chilly. It felt a lot more like spring than the heat last week did. Rainbows of tulips waved in the wind; pale pink, green, and white petals scattered on the sidewalk. Soft gray dandelion puffs and white stars studded lush emerald lawns.

After I got home, I put on The Gay 90's record I picked up at Goodwill a while back while going through the piles of paperwork on my printer. Yes, this is a collection of songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I just wanted to make sure it worked. It was really scratched. Yeah, it sounded fine the medley of "After the Ball" and "The Band Played On" was especially good.

Went down for a long nap after that. I needed one badly. I've been going like crazy for the past few weeks, and while I am trying not to stay up so late, it does happen. I've been so tired, I was down for almost two hours, and it didn't really help a whole lot.

Worked on writing after that. Debralee scolds Lee for hogging Richard's attention. She's more interested in flirting with him. Lee just wants to know what his plans are for his job and how he intends to keep them safe...and Richard just wants to look into her eyes.

Broke for dinner at 7. The episode of Match Game '79 I watched was one of the funniest from that year. A contestant got so excited after the Audience Match, she dragged Gene around screaming. Gene dove behind his question holder after that! Nipsey Russell, however, had no problems grabbing hold of her for a squeeze. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Mystery Science Theater 3000 at Shout Factory. Joel and the robots started off with the short Circus On Ice, which is what it says on the tin, a circus ice show with people in animal costumes and a skater enacting a dying deer. Other than the deer act, the robots mostly seemed to find it boring. I thought the deer act was morbid, but the acts were otherwise cute. 

The main feature was far less interesting than even an ice skating show. Monster A Go-Go sounds like it would be fascinating. An astronaut disappears from his space capsule on its return, only to reappear as a hideous monster...or does he? This weird little flick never capitalizes on this premise, or much of anything else. Apparently, half the movie was finished in 1961 before the filmmakers ran out of cash. The other half was completed in 1963 with a mostly different cast and not released until 1965...and it shows. It moves slower than the monster, with characters and scenes that have little relation to each other. The narrator tells way too many plot points that should have been shown, including the monster's capture and escape.

When even the robots find a movie boring, you know it's bad. I wouldn't go anywhere near here unless you really love MST3K or terrible films. 

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