Sunday, April 23, 2023

Winds of Spring

Slept in more than I planned and got caught up reading the chapter about the Talmadge sisters, Norma and Constance. I knew about Norma - a lot of her melodramas were remade with sound in the 30's and 40's  - but Constance I only heard mentioned in a book on early talkies. Honestly, she sounds like a lot more fun, on screen and off. I may have to see if any of her comedies are online. 

Just barely made it to work on time after I ate. We were a lot busier today than yesterday! There were lines almost the entire afternoon. The weather was far nicer this time, into the mid-60's, still really windy, but also sunny when I left. Everyone wanted to have barbecues and family outings. This time, there were no problems other than some grouchy customers. I managed to shut down in time to head out.

Unfortunately, I had trouble when I got home. I couldn't leave the mini-fridge in the spot I had it at - it made too much noise. It had to go in my bedroom, which doesn't really have enough room, either. I tried to move the table with the printer on it around, then stuff in the living room. It doesn't really fit in my desk, either, but I can't figure out where else it can go for now.

I had a little time after dinner and a shower for writing. Debralee and Lee both console Richard on his divorce. Lee asks him if he intends to do better with his new sheriff job. He's hoping to. Especially since Gene has a plan for getting the Wild Rider Gang...

Finished the night with another Match Game Classics marathon. This time, instead of just returns, we get the first episode for some favorite panelists, or the last ones. Debralee Scott first turned up in 1976; Eva Gabor made her first appearance in 1977. Nipsey Russell and Patti Deutsch made their final Match Game appearances in 1979, Arlene Francis in 1978. (Francis and Nipsey Russell would turn up again for The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour.) Bonnie Franklin of the original One Day at a Time made her final appearance on a PM show in 1980. Jack Klugman's last show was sitting in for his wife Brett Somers on the second-to-last PM in 1981. He got a jacket when he complained about panelists not getting gifts, then went crazy after the Head-to-Head, running around, spinning the Star Wheel, and kissing people in the audience!

Celebrate first times and last times with this wild and wacky marathon!

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