Saturday, April 15, 2023

Where's the Rain?

Got a quick start today with breakfast and Charlie and Lola. "Never Ever Never Step On the Cracks," says gullible Lola, who believes everything she hears. She and Lotta really believe there's animals in the cracks in the sidewalk who will grab you if you step on them, that bedbugs bite if you don't sleep tight, and mushrooms grow in your ears. Charlie finally convinces her that superstitions are just stories, after all, and not real.

Headed off to work shortly after the cartoon ended. I didn't like the look of the dark clouds outside, so I took Uber. Most of the Uber drivers are from Philly or Camden and don't know the suburbs well. The guy missed the turn to the Acme and ended up making a fast U-Turn! After all that, I arrived at work just fine and right on time.

Work was off-and-on steady, busier than yesterday but nothing like it has been the past few weeks. I once again spent most of the day pushing carts and sweeping the floor. There was a point where I ended up doing a basket of cold returns someone left behind, and had to help managers round up three 35 packs of water for a customer. Otherwise, it went pretty fast, and there were no real problems.

I got my schedule online last night and confirmed it this morning. I'm glad I took those vacation days this week and next week. I got far fewer hours than I have for the past couple of weeks...and I'm glad. I'm wiped out. I do have physical therapy on Monday and need to contact Karen, but I otherwise have no plans. 

Picked up a few things after work. The red grapes are no longer on sale, but strawberries and cherry tomatoes are. Had online coupons for granola bars, the fancy OGX shampoo and conditioner I like, tissues, and a bag of bakery cookies (I went with oatmeal), along with coupons for free yogurt and a free tote bag. Badly needed pads, too. Since I was taking Uber home, I decided to try Waterloo, a brand of sparkling water that had an online coupon. Went with their orange vanilla.

There were far fewer problems getting home. The driver appeared in less than two minutes, knew where he was going, and chatted with me the whole way. I arrived five minutes later

Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while changing and having a snack. "Daniel Goes to School" for the first time and is nervous about what he'll do there. He packs his favorite toys and books, but they prove to not be necessary when Teacher Harriet shows him they have everything they'll need. Likewise, "Daniel Goes to the Doctor" for his first check-up. Mrs. Tiger and Dr. Anna explain everything they'll do in a check-up, like listen to his heart beat and look in his ears and throat.

Switched to Enchanted while resting for a little while. I go further into the story of a Disney animated princess (Amy Adams) who ends up in the real New York at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing next. Fannie finally brings them all back into her office, where she's keeping the gold from the bank in a safe. Bill Daily is supposed to be guarding the safe, but he's frantic and worried. Richard has to calm him down.

A thunder storm rattled in around 4:30 after it had been cloudy and spitting off and on all day. It finally poured...for all of 10 minutes. Once the storm passed, so did the rain. To my knowledge, it hasn't rained since.

Finished the night with another Match Game Classics marathon. This one revolved around technical glitches. The stage could be almost as much of a character as the panelists at times. Both the original set and the one built in 1978 to accommodate the new Star Wheel ended up more-or-less falling apart. Gene Rayburn's doors would stick. The turntable got stuck at least three times. Gene's microphone didn't stay together very well, either. The ball at the tip came off at least twice. At one point, someone gave Gene one of the old diamond-shaped microphones they used in old-time radio. Brett complained that someone painted over the gum she stuck under her desk. Lights would go out. A light bulb popped with an audible crack that sounded like a gun firing during a syndicated episode. 

You never know what will happen on this show...or what will go wrong. Here's the marathon, for your enjoyment! 

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