Sunday, April 16, 2023

Thoroughly Modern Bros

Began the morning with breakfast and the original cast album of Thoroughly Modern Millie. It took me a while to warm up to this stage adaptation of the wacky Roaring 20's-set film, but I really get a kick out of it now. Sutton Foster became a star as the title character, a thoroughly modern flapper who comes to New York in 1922 to marry her boss, only to get caught up in a white slavery ring plot involving the head of her boarding house and her girlish best friend. Of the songs written directly for the show, my favorite is "Forget About the Boy," the number for Millie and the secretaries after Millie thinks Jimmy's cheating on her. 

Worked on writing for a little while after breakfast. Poor Bill Daily's been watching the gold all morning, and he's about to have a nervous breakdown. Richard says he'll relieve him. Brett insists on watching as Fannie opens the safe to reveal the hidden treasure...

Broke for a quick lunch before heading to work. For the most part, we were just as quiet as we've been the rest of the week. It picked up a little during rush-hour, and there were a few problems. I was tired and didn't do a good job explaining something to somebody. He got upset, and then I got upset, and he got angry at me. It was my fault. I didn't explain things well, and I acted like an idiot. The manager and everyone behind him said he shouldn't have yelled at me, but I shouldn't have gotten him upset in the first place. That's not professional.

It helped that the weather remains nice. It continues to be humid, slightly cloudy, and too warm for this time of year. Most people are likely finishing out their spring breaks elsewhere, and we're between holidays. 

Went straight into dinner and an earlier Match Game Classics marathon when I got home. I swear, this set had some of the craziest glitches. In one episode, an orange backdrop came down instead of the board for the Head-to-Head money. In another, the question holder slid out of Gene's reach, and the contestant had to hold it up while Gene read the first question. Gene complained about a nail in the set poking him. His microphone died at one point, leaving him using a much shorter microphone he didn't like. Once during a syndicated episode, Gene explained a long word to Dick Martin for so long, everyone walked off-stage and the lights went out! Gene had to fix Joyce Bulifant's floppy microphone in a PM episode.

Check out even more of the wackiest technical problems to have ever occurred on a game show!

Finished the night with something really unique on YouTube. A group dubbed one of the Super Mario Adventures comics that used to run as a serial in Nintendo Power Magazine in the mid-1990's. I'm glad they did. Not only are the voices pretty accurate to the characters, but I absolutely love how Peach is portrayed here. Much like in the current film version, she's a strong, take-charge character who will do anything, not only for her kingdom, but for Mario as well. She has no difficulty chasing Bowser after he's turned Mario and half her kingdom to stone, or trading places with Luigi to rescue Mario as part of an elaborate plot. And interestingly, this story also involved Bowser's desire to marry Peach. (Bit surprised no one thought of hypnotizing her in the movie.) 

If you ever wanted to see how tough a mushroom princess could be (or how awkwardly a random salesman can be shoehorned into a plot), check out this hilarious and action packed tale!

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