Sunday, April 09, 2023

Easter Matches

Began my Easter morning by sleeping in, which I desperately needed after my long week. When I did get up, I read stories from the Colliers Harvest of Holidays. The longer material here is "Nino's Easter," the story of a young boy in Italy and his family's traditions (most of which involve church or a hunger-inducing huge dinner), and "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" about a mother rabbit who becomes an Easter bunny. There was also a hymn and several cute poems.

Headed out right after finishing my journal. Had my Easter brunch at the Westmont Diner on Cuthbert Road, next to the liquor store. Ordered Orange Pancakes as a special treat. They were absolutely delicious, very orange, with orange slices, sweetened whipped butter, and warm syrup...and unlike most diner pancakes, they were a normal size and not flopping over the edge of the plate. I could eat them in one sitting with no trouble. The Westmont Diner was pretty busy for the holiday, mostly with families looking for something special to do or elderly people with nowhere else to go.

It was way too nice to go home right away. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the holiday. It was in the upper 50's-lower 60's, sunny and breezy, with a warm blue sky. Though the daffodils are starting to disappear, tulips are coming up, and the hyacinths are still around. The rainbow flowers waved in the air as I headed down Cuthbert.

I was hoping to hit Phildelity Records, but it would seem they're closed for the entirety of Easter week. Primo's was closed, too. I ended up a block over at the Yogo Factory. They're a huge ice cream parlor that specializes in serve-yourself frozen yogurt flavors. I tried something called "European Tart," a very tangy white yogurt that really tastes more like a tangy non-fruit sorbet. I topped it with coconut, sprinkles, and yogurt chips, and ate it outside to enjoy the weather.

It didn't look like there was anything open in Westmont, so I headed down the road to Collingswood. Only thing open there was Innergroove Records. Guess the owner isn't a holiday person. They were busier, and I didn't stay as long or do nearly as well as I did two weeks ago or last Easter, but I did come up with two good ones:

Hooked On Classics III

The soundtrack from Superman II (This was the splurge at 12. Classics came out of the dollar shelves.)

I thought of going for a ride in the park, but I was just too worn out. Picked up a ham and provolone hoagie and a container of lobster bisque from WaWa for dinner, then went home. Relaxed - and nearly passed out - while watching Easter Parade. I went further into this MGM holiday favorite with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog in 2019. 

Finished dinner and got organized while watching It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. The Peanuts are looking forward to the spring holidays, with Sally begging for new shoes and Snoopy buying Woodstock a bird house. Peppermint Patty tries to teach Marcie to color eggs, with little success. Lucy's more interested in hiding and finding her own eggs. Don't bother with the fuss, says Linus. The Easter Beagle does all that. Sally's skeptical after the incident with the Great Pumpkin at Halloween, but Easter morning brings more than one surprise for the kids! (Also look for some hilarious cracks at pre-pre Christmas sales.)

Finished the night on YouTube after a shower. This weekend, Match Game Productions put the spotlight on everyone's favorite lovable announcer, Johnny Olsen. Johnny went far back with Match Game, having been the main announcer for the 60's version as well. He occasionally came in to twit his association with the other big CBS show of the time - he was twice asked to do his famous line "Come on down!" from The Price Is Right. In some other shows, he even got in on the lunacy, as when Betty White grabbed him for a kiss during an Audience Match with an especially wild contestant. There were also questions on what Johnny does with his tongue to prepare for his role, and what he yells to his wife Penelope in his sleep.

Come on down and have fun with one of the most famous announcers in television!

Moved to Disney Easter parades after the marathon ended. Disney's Easter parade broadcasts began in 1985 with a show that feels more like the star-packed later 4th of July spectacles. We see lots of "special guests" like magician Doug Henning (who does several tricks throughout the broadcast), pop singers New Edition, and country stars the Oak Ridge Boys. The Rockettes appear in a Meet Me In St. Louis-themed trolley number. Joan Lunden and Rick Dees were the hosts. 

By 1993, the star acts were dropped in favor of focusing on the parade and Disney itself. Lunden stayed on, this time joined by Regis Phillbin and an extremely early 90's Joey Lawrence. The Disney MGM Studios once again gets a heavy push, along with their big Aladdin-themed parade. There's also floats for The Little Mermaid and the Disney Afternoon. Roger Rabbit almost literally pops up in the beginning. Ironically, another ride getting a big push is Splash Mountain, which is currently in the midst of being remodeled with a Princess and the Frog theme. 

Some elements remain the same in both parades. There's square dancers leading to floats for the Country Bears and Clara Cluck. (The '85 parade also includes dancers dressed as chickens performing "9 to 5.") Alice In Wonderland appears in both parades. She's on a giant mushroom with her friends dancing around her in '85 and joins the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit for a tea party in a gazebo in '93. Both parades end with the Memphis Belles in their frilly pastel hoop-skirted gowns leading up to the Easter Bunnies in '85 and Mickey and Minnie in '93.

Celebrate Easter with two hour-long pieces of Disney magic!

And here's hoping all of you had a happy Easter, Passover, or beginning of spring with all the people you love to match with!

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