Thursday, April 20, 2023

Into the Spring Sunshine

Slept in and read that book I found at Goodwill on silent movie stars for so long, it was 12:30 before I got going. Watched Match Game '77 while I had breakfast. They moved on to a new panel, with Scoey Mitchell, Elaine Joyce, and Fannie Flagg. They all had trouble with "Huey __" in the Audience Match. (And if it's any consolation to them, I didn't know who Huey Newton was, either. Apparently, he was big in the Civil Rights Movement.)

Headed out shortly after the movie ended. It was too nice to spend the whole day writing, the way I originally planned. It remains sunny and breezy, and was even warmer than yesterday, into the lower 70's. Stopped briefly at the clothes bin behind Dollar General to drop off a bag of donations, then headed to Westmont. Since they weren't open at Easter, I made my first stop Phidelity Records. Didn't find any good DVDs this time, but I did get a few records: 

Original cast album for Paint Your Wagon (another one I've tried to find for years)

Original soundtrack for Victor/Victoria

Music Magic, a K-Tel collection from 1978

Tale Spinners for Children: Cinderella, a kids' adaptation

The Buddy Rich Big Band - The New One!

Had far less luck at Samaritan Thrift across the street. They were about to close in 15 minutes, and I didn't see anything interesting. I did have a very tasty personal pan pizza at Franco's Place, then went down the street for a water ice at Rita's. I got a cookies and cream. It was too sweet to taste of anything but sugar, with cookie bits that were much too small.

I headed down Cuthbert Road until I hit Newton Lake Park. By that point, school was out. The park was so busy with kids on their way home, families pushing strollers, and people walking their dogs, I ended up on the street. The park itself is gorgeous, with trees sprouting lemon-lime leaves and green banks lined with golden buttercups.

Went straight into job hunting when I got in, but I still didn't have much luck. I saw nothing on LinkedIn or Indeed, so I moved into writing. Lee's annoyed when all Debralee does is flirt with Richard. Richard, for is part, is quite amused, even if Deb is too young for him. Lee tries to steer the conversation back to what he knows about the Wild Rider Gang and the railroad, until they hear a commotion outside...

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. Watched Match Game '79 while I ate. Patti Deustch, Nipsey Russell, and Dolly and Dick Martin finish out their week with far more subdued contestants and equally difficult Audience Matches. I'm a bit surprised Brett didn't give the obvious answer to "__ Tender," given her reputation as a drinker.

(Oh, and it looks like Buzzr's next marathon will run the second week of May and will be themed around TV moms. I saw Florence Henderson, likely on one of the All Star Family Feud episodes, Isobel Sandford, and Lucille Ball. Sounds like it'll be another all-week affair, likely leading up to Mother's Day. Could be fun. We'll see what I can catch.)

Finished off the night with A Song Is Born on Amazon Prime. I go further into this Danny Kaye vehicle about professors of music who protect a gangster's moll (Virginia Mayo) featuring many of the most popular big bands of the day at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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