Monday, May 22, 2023

Crazy World

Started off the morning with breakfast and the 1980 Dr. Seuss special Pontoffel Pock, Where are You? After he's fired from his job at the dill pickle factory for making a simple mistake, Pock, a "schnook" by his own admission, wishes he could get away from it all. His wish is granted by a fairy who gives him a magic piano. Pushing on a button will allow the piano to travel where the button directs him. He first visits an Alps-like town in the mountains, but they don't appreciate his showing off. His second trip to the Middle East introduces him to Eefa Neefa, an "eyeball dancer" he falls in love with at first sight, but he loses her when he leaves. The fairies chase him all over the world, trying to bring him home, but all he wants is to return to his Eefa Neefa.

Headed out to Dollar General briefly after the cartoon ended. Lauren likes Sudoku and crossword puzzle books. I always get a few for her when she visits. Also grabbed yogurt and a Coke Zero Move. I hadn't planned on going out earlier, but it was such a nice day, I had to. At that point, it was sunny and blue, maybe a bit on the humid side, but nothing outrageous, and nicely breezy.

When I got home, I vacuumed and pushed the Swifter in the rooms and on the stairs while watching Match Game '77. Suzanne Somers continued her week as everyone tried to figure out "__ Knot" in the Audience Match. Buzzr skipped the next two episodes, going into the week with Sarah Kennedy, Betty White, and Hans "Captain Hook" Conried. They discuss Betty White's new self-titled show in the opening...which, despite what Gene says, was a major flop that only ran four months. 

Let it continue into Tattletales as I dusted the main room. Totie Fields and George Johnson just couldn't get anything going in these episodes. They got close after coming back from nothing in the first one, but Rita and Jerry Vale took that one. Olavee and Ross Martin took the second.

Switched to the soundtrack for Victor/Victoria while finishing the bedroom and having lunch. The LP puts its best groove forward, starting off with Julie Andrews and Robert Preston's delightful duet "You and Me" that's probably the best number in the film. I also like Andrews' ballad "Crazy World" and her big chorus routine "Le Jazz Hot." 

Put on the first season of Sailor Moon while washing the window and wiping down the TV. "The Summer, the Beach, Youth, and Ghosts" is what it says on the tin. Rei, Ami, and Usagi aren't too happy when their summer vacation starts off in a dilapidated Victorian hotel run by what appears to be Universal monsters and the beach is so private, there's no cute guys. Things take a turn for the strange when Ami befriends a young girl with psychic powers. Her father wants to develop them, but they go out of control after he puts her under hypnosis. 

I was watching Super Password when a friend agreed to help me pick up Lauren. We left around quarter of 4. Surprisingly, considering it was the start of rush hour, we ran into no heavy traffic anywhere, not even in downtown Philadelphia. She circled 30th Street Station a few times before we found a place to park outside the station on 30th Street.

I'd just gotten out of the car to check if Lauren had arrived and was walking in the door to the station when I almost literally ran into Lauren coming out! She'd just gotten in. We had a good laugh, then walked down, loaded her luggage into the trunk, and made our way off again. This time, she avoided any traffic, going over the Walt Whitman Bridge and past Citizen's Bank Park and Xfinity Live! We also went past the Acme, which had a fairly full parking lot (and made me very glad I wasn't there). 

Once we got in and Lauren dropped off her luggage, we went right back out. I'd been inside for several hours, and Lauren had been on trains and in stations since 1:30. Besides, I wanted to show her our new WaWa. She got a coconut-mango drink; I went with a tasty mango-banana smoothie made with fresh fruit.

Spent the next few hours upstairs, watching more Match Game. Match Game '74 brought in Anson Williams from Happy Days for his first week, along with Fannie Flagg and ever-laughing Kaye Stevens. While Brett ranted over how impossibly young Anson looked, the others admired a pinafore made by the first-grade students of one of the contestants. (And they did a wonderful job on it, too!) Things got a little naughtier in the second episode with the answers to "Strip __" in the Audience Match.

Richard Paul, big George Kennedy, and slightly ditzy Judy Landers joined in for Match Game Syndicated. Gene happily gave her Judy a kiss, even though she'd appeared on the show before. Richard Paul has his own way of avoiding the madness over him - the flaps on his fireman's hat. Charles complained about the dinger being off-key in the second episode. Richard Paul has more luck playing the game with the audience in the end of the episode. 

Finished the night on Hulu with more Sailor Moon.  "Shining Summer Days: Ami Under the Sea Breeze" takes all of the girls, Chibi-Usa, and Usagi's little brother Shingo to their local beach for some fun in the sun. Tiger's Eye pursues Ami, to the annoyance of Shingo, who has a crush on her. Ami, however, is not easily persuaded. When Tiger's Eye attacks Shingo, it brings out the other girls...and puts Ami's pure heart at risk.

Oh, and tomorrow, we're taking our usual first day walk around Oaklyn and Audubon. It's a great way to settle in and check out my immediate area. 

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