Tuesday, May 02, 2023

It Might As Well Be Spring

Overslept this morning and didn't get going until 11:30! I had breakfast while watching more Muppet Babies. Statler and Waldorf bring over toy train tracks and a train set to teach the kids about "The Transcontinental Woo Woo" and how the railroad that linked the American midwest and west was built. The kids abandon their "Simon Says" game to help the older men out...except Fozzie, who won't build anything unless someone says "Simon Says." Meanwhile, Bean Bunny missed the adults explaining the history and gets recruited by Nanny to bring the others peanut butter and jelly jars, even though he has no idea where they are.

Tried to write a little bit after that. Brett finally calls Gene over. He says he and Richard have a plan to trick the bandits into believing the gold isn't being guarded. Brett insists that most of the townspeople don't know what they're doing, especially her friend Charles, a school teacher. Richard is too busy trying to flirt with Lee to notice Brett's concerns.

Hurried out for work around ten after 1. I barely made it on time...and it wasn't a good thing. We were busy all day. Today is our Senior Discount Day, and it's the beginning of the month. And of course, I got stuck in the express register. There wasn't really enough help, and we had long lines throughout the afternoon. I got so tired of waiting for my relief to show up at the end of the night, I just shut down.

(It was supposed to rain later in the day. Though it spit a little when I rode to work and was windy and cold, it remained cloudy for most of the day. The sun even started to come out later in the afternoon.)

Watched Match Game '73 while I changed and got organized. Jim Backus, Mr. Magoo himself, came in for his only week, joined by Patti Deustch for her first week. Jim is the one who gets caught in the crush when the contestant runs up to give Brett a kiss for the top answer on the Audience Match "Turkish __." 

Switched back to Muppet Babies during dinner. "The Adventures of Kermo Polo" is a history spoof similar to "Transcontinental Woo Woo." This time, the kids make fun of the Age of Discovery when Nanny tells them about Marco Polo and everything he found in China. Kermit is Polo (who claims he finds things easier with a blindfold on). Gonzo's Sir Francis Drake, Piggy is Captain Cook, and Fozzie is Ponce De Leon, who tries to sell them everything but a map to the Fountain of Youth.

I originally intended to finish the night with the 1947 Esther Williams movie Fiesta...but every streaming service I found that claimed to have the Williams film was really running the 1941 Hal Roach B-film Fiesta instead. No matter. That worked just as well. I go further into this Mexican-flavored romance at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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