Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Here Comes the Sun

Got a quick start this morning! I was so caught up in finishing Vinyl Resting Place, I barely had the time to eat, change, and hurry out. Even then, I was still five minutes late to work.

It ended up being a moot point anyway. I spent the first half of my shift sweeping and pushing carts. At least it was a decent day for it. It was cloudy and cool, but nothing out of line with the time of year, probably the lower 60's, and not windy at all. I was very disappointed when they pulled me to go in for the head bagger and let her return to the carts. 

We weren't that busy in the morning, but by the time I ended up in the register, the lines were down the aisles. It's our Senior Discount Day. Several of said seniors did complain about the lack of help; others complimented me for doing my job and getting baby formula for customers, but wondered why the managers were "standing around" and not helping more. (They weren't standing around. They were helping people in self-checkout and customer service.) And of course, my relief was one of the new people who are on "mandatory," meaning they can only go into their own register. I had a line and was late getting out.

Made sure to check the NJ Courts page soon as I finished work. Thankfully, once again, no jury duty tomorrow. I'm free to check out that job fair at the Cherry Hill Mall I wanted to attend instead. Even Mother Nature celebrated. The sun came out sometime before 5:30, and it had warmed up considerably. Got lucky again when a mother watching her baby boy was able to help me get my chain back on my bike when it came off on my way home.

Changed soon as I got home, took the laundry downstairs, then had a simple chicken spinach salad dinner while watching Super Password on Buzzr's TV Moms marathon. Jane Wyatt is actually known for playing two famous TV mothers. Trekkies know her as Spock's mother in the original series, but here, she played with her now-grown children from the sitcom Father Knows Best during a Christmas all-star week. Alas, this was one case where Mother didn't know best. No one played terrific, but Billy Gray, Lauren Chapin, and Elinor Donahue all did much better than Wyatt.

I'm not sure why they did the episode from 1989, since Liz Sheridan of ALF played the Tanners' nosy neighbor, not the mom. I suspect the actual mother was one of the contestants. At least she and Clifton Davis played better than the celebrities on the previous episode. In fact, Liz lead her contestants to the Super Password bonus round twice and won once.

Went back downstairs to switch the laundry to the dryer, then finished the night with The Great American Broadcast. I go further into this look at radio's beginnings featuring Alice Faye and Jack Oakie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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