Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Philadelphia Freedom

Started off the morning with breakfast and more Hogan's Heroes with Lauren. Hogan, LeBeau, Newkirk, and Carter find themselves on "The Swing Shift" when they bomb a newly-minted factory that makes bombs and parts. Newkirk is made the foreman...until he's accidentally drafted into the German Army, and nearly winds up as a guard for Klink at Stalag 13. The others do their best to help him out of it. 

Switched to the second half of Press Your Luck on Buzzr while we got organized. The one lady screamed so loudly when she hit a trip to Paris, Peter Tomarken joked she broke all the windows at CBS. Alas, she hit a Whammy and wasn't able to keep her vacation. The young man who won picked up a trip to Tahiti, a speed boat, and a pile of money. The next episode had just begun as we finally headed out.

It was a gorgeous day for a walk and a train ride. Though it was slightly humid, it was also sunny and breezy, with a perfect blue sky and upper 70 degree temperatures. We made our way down the stone steps to Newton Lake Park, cutting through there on the way to Bettlewood. Stopped to watch a couple of turtles swimming and floating happily in the green waters near the bridge on our way.

Our first stop was the Pop Shop for an early lunch. They tend to fill up at lunchtime, but around 11 AM, there were only a few older couples and mothers with young children there. Lauren tried a "biscuit scramble," scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese and a biscuit with chipped beef. I had the same plate of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon with fruit salad I did last time. The bacon was still good, and this time, they actually scrambled the eggs, but I still couldn't finish those huge "Betty" pancakes. Lauren did finish hers, though.

No visit to the Pop Shop is complete without their award-winning ice cream concoctions. Lauren had an ice cream soda with Diet Coke and coffee ice cream. I had a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup "Blaster," peanut butter up chunks in soft serve chocolate ice cream. Yum! Sweet and rich, with tons of big peanut buttery pieces. The waitress even threw in extra chocolate syrup. Lauren seemed to enjoy her ice cream float, too.

Spent the next hour or so exploring stores in Collingswood. Occasionette is a wonderful gift shop...that's also pretty expensive. We oohed and ahhed over their adorable food-themed stuffed animals, but ultimately moved on. Lauren didn't find anything at Clutter, but I fished the children's book Ben & Me off their book shelves. I didn't see anything I really wanted at Time Lapse, but Lauren picked up two Care Bears figures from the 80's that she collects. 

Made our way down to the PATCO station around 1, picking up the train there. The car was only about half-full when it rumbled down the track. We had a quick and relatively quiet ride into Philadelphia.

Got off at 13th Street. Lauren, who has a better sense of direction than I do, directed us around a few corners until we arrived at Macy's. Finally found out why they were remodeling when we were here last year when we discovered half of the second floor had been turned into a "Macy's Backstage" for off-price items. I found a pair of good, simple black flats. I've wanted good shoes for years, but they never had rubber soles or pinched my feet. These were a little narrow, but bearable. Also grabbed a fancy journal for $4.99 at the checkout desk. Lauren said she picked up a few shirts from the Backstage area.

Strolled down a busy Market Street to Primark next. They generally don't have much in the way of plus sizes. I saw some button-down shirts and lots of Disney t-shirts, but decided to wait on more clothes shopping until we get to the New Jersey malls. Lauren ultimately decided the same, and we moved on.

I wanted to show Lauren Reading Terminal Market, a popular jumble of food booths and gift booths housed in the old Reading Terminal train station and train stalls. It was busy in there, too, and while we enjoyed looking around, most of the stores sold food. We'd had plenty to eat in Collingswood, and neither of us were really hungry. We used the bathroom and ducked out.

Doubled back to the Fashion District mall initially to check out Burlington Coat Factory...but their entrance was closed and barred. We checked other entrances, but they all said no entry. It was odd. We saw people inside, and merchandise. Finally gave up and checked out the similar Shopper's World instead, which opened late last June. It's basically a nicer, better-organized Burlington. Lauren picked up two turtlenecks. I found a big pack of hair bands for $1.99.

I had so much fun on New Year's Day at the Round 1 upstairs in the Fashion District, I suggested to Lauren that we go there next. It's not as big as the one at Deptford, but it does have some games they don't have. Found a whole row of pinball machines along the wall near the bowling alley. Didn't do too badly on Guardians of the Galaxy, but couldn't get anything going with Star Wars. Found their skee ball machines hiding in the back and did those, too. Played Space Invaders and Mario Kart Deluxe, doing Pac Man on the latter. Lauren earned enough points to get a huge stuffed Luna. I decided to save half my points for Deptford and went with another medium-sized Beanie Baby, this one a gray-stripped kitty named Kiki with a pink sparkly bow. 

By that point, it was 5 PM, well past time to head out. We made our way across the mall and past the closed Burlington to the PATCO station under the mall. Maybe we shouldn't have waited so long. The train to the suburbs was jammed to the gills. I took one of the last seats. Lauren stood all the way to Collingswood.

Had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Collingswood, Tortilla Press. Lauren enjoyed a chicken and avocado wrap. I also had chicken and avocado, but in a quesadilla. She got berry lemonade. I tried a virgin margarita that proved to be way too sweet. 

After we got in, we put on Match Game Syndicated while we got organized. They're up to the first day with Kirstie Alley and the day leading up to her arrival. Jamie Lee Curtis made her first appearance on the show, prompting a "new kid on the block" kiss from Gene. The contestant who played before Kiristie proved to be totally hapless. Her seat broke, and Gene had to fix it. In the second episode, she took so long to answer a question, Gene lay down and took a nap!

Finished the night switching around online. Went to Hulu first for Sailor Moon Super S. Lauren and I aren't the only ones picking up new styles today. Usagi and her friends are crazy about a handsome young fashion designer and his trendy clothes in "We Love Fashion: The Stylish Sailor Guardians." The designer himself is less satisfied with his work. Fish Eye of the Amazon Trio thinks he can be the man's muse, but all he does is demand more of his time. Usagi provides the real inspiration when she asks him to do her a favor. 

Moved to Paramount Plus for The Love Boat. A young gold-digger (Dorian Lopinto) hoping to avoid her mother's fate of poverty fakes a posh background to get a snooty dilettante to marry her...but learns that "Win One, Lose One" when she meets a man from her hometown who doesn't care who she is. Gopher and Issac can't believe a nerdy youth (Ron Pallilo) is "The $10,000 Lover." A man from a world record book (James Darren) claims if he makes love to one more lady, he'll get $10,000...but then the kid falls for a sweet woman (Gina Hecht). Doc, for once, doesn't want the lady when his friend from college (Jim McKreil) tells him to "Mind My Wife" (Jill St. John) during the cruise. 

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