Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Began Lauren's last day here with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "The Return of Major Bonicelli" brings back the pizza-loving Italian prisoner of war camp manager from "The Pizza Parlor." He's now Hogan's Italian contact, but he's been compromised. Hogan and the Heroes have to find a way to get him out of Germany...if the sausage and sauerkraut don't kill him first. 

"The Big Dish" was created by a female British scientist turned traitor. She convinces Hogan that she's not playing the Nazis' game, until she goes through with the radar experiments at Stalag 13 anyway. Now the guys have to figure out how to discredit her and destroy the radar, before the Germans down more pilots.

Headed out to lunch shortly after the episode ended. This time, Capitol Pizza was open. Lauren had a slice of mushroom, a slice of pepperoni, and a bottle of Diet Pepsi. I had a slice of cheese, a slice of mushroom, and a bottle of Diet Coke. We enjoyed our meal on the wrought iron tables perched on the curb. Not the best view, unless you like looking at the White Horse Pike and parked cars, but it was such a nice day, we had to eat outside.

Went to WaWa for a treat. I got a cooling Mint Cream Smoothie. She had one of those frozen ice bars that looked like Spider Man. We enjoyed them on the front patio near the trash can. Yum. The mint cream smoothie was just mint flavoring and milk, but it was just strong enough.

We were originally going to check out Comicrypt, the comic book store around the corner from me, but it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Made Dollar General our next stop instead. I needed to restock my Sunbelt Granola bars; also picked up a Coke Move Zero. 

It was far too gorgeous to sit inside until Lauren left. We went for a long stroll down to Newton Lake Park to enjoy the sunny, windy, dry weather. There were a few families with young kids running around on the playground. We joined in, flying on the swings and sliding down the smaller, twistier slide. Lauren wanted to see where the dirt path ended, so I took her along behind the houses on Briarwood to the wide green patch of grassy land where it terminates.

After we got home, we snuck in one more Hogan's episode while Lauren finished packing. The Heroes say "Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan" and hold a surprise party for him. LeBeau overhears information that could be of great interest to their Colonel, but they're more worried when it turns out to be a Getstopo trap. As usual, Hogan finds a way to turn the tables.

A friend of mine drove us into Philly around 2;30. Lauren wasn't leaving until 3:56, but she wanted to get there early and have time to walk around. We also stopped at the bank so I could get money for the rent, for yard sales and the farm market on Saturday, and for the toll going into Philly. Despite hitting heavy traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway, we still managed to get into Philly by a little after 3 PM.

I got off with Lauren to spend a little more time with her before she left. We did walk around for a few minutes, but neither of us were hungry, and Lauren had no room in her bulging backpack and suitcase for more shopping. We settled on a bench and chatted until she saw the gate number come up on the announcement board around 3:30. I gave her a hug and made sure she got to her line all right. We had a great time and are already making plans for my visit to her neck of the woods in September.

Considered taking the NJ Transit train to Cherry Hill and picking up Uber from there, but the train wouldn't arrive until 4:41. I didn't feel like hanging around the station that long, so I just called Uber from the station. The cheerful young man arrived in 7 minutes. He had enough sense to take the Walt Whitman Bridge going past Citizen's Bank Park home. There was a ton of traffic going into the city (perhaps the Phillies played a late game?), but only a tiny bit going into New Jersey. I was home by quarter after 4. 

Vacuumed and Swiftered while watching Classic Concentration. A young college-age woman dominated the game I saw, winning both rounds and a ton of prizes. She just couldn't figure out the match-the-car game, though.

Switched to The Great Waltz while going over notes for several Match Game fanfics. I go further into this fanciful 1938 MGM "biography" of Johann Strauss II at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Had dinner while watching Match Game Syndicated. They're up to the wild week with Joyce Bulifant in a variety of wigs, including a frizzy bright orange curly one that made her look like Little Orphan Annie run amok. She wasn't the only strange blonde on that week, either. A very sweet contestant gave a very, very peculiar answer to what a jock centipede wore. 

Finished the night on Crackle with The Silencers. I felt like something weird tonight...and the first of four Matt Helm movies featuring Dean Martin as the suave photographer certainly fit that bill. He's called back to the secret agent business after the murder of one of their agents, the stripper Sarita (Cyd Charisse). He and the department he works for, the ICE, think Gail Hendricks (Stella Stevens) is an enemy agent after Sarita hands a precious computer film over to her. Hendricks is an ordinary woman who just happened to be there when Sarita was shot in the back. The computer file is linked to Chinese mastermind Tung-Tze (Victor Buono), who wants to set the US and Russia against each other and incite a nuclear war. He sends the seductive Tina (Daliah Lavi) to sidetrack Matt, but he and Gail somehow find a way to save the world anyhow.

Whoa, this was a weird one. Weird, incredibly dated in its Cold War plot and treatment of its female characters, and not as funny as it likes to think it is. In fact, this is kind of dark for what's supposed to be a spoof. There's a lot of gun play, blood is seen, and there's Stevens protesting she's not a bad guy, but no one believes her. There's also Buono obviously not being Chinese. It's worth checking out at least once if you love Martin or the imitation Bond spy capers of the 1960's and early 70's if you can handle the violence. 

(Oh, and Lauren got home with her parents around 10:30 PM. Other than the train from Philly to New York being full and getting squeezed in her seat, she apparently had no trouble anywhere. This is technically the end of my actual vacation...but I have another ordinary day off, and I asked for Thursday to do several appointments.)

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