Saturday, May 06, 2023

Farm Market Time

Got a really quick start this morning with breakfast before hurrying out the door. I couldn't have rushed out into a nicer day. The perpetual clouds and rain of the past week were replaced by sunshine, fresh breezes, and upper 60 degree temperatures at quarter of 11. 

Good thing the weather was gorgeous, because there was a lot going on this week. I dodged crowds pushing strollers and walking dogs as I headed down to Collingswood for the first farm market of the year. Boy, were they a mess. Even at 11 AM, they were teeming with people looking for fresh vegetables, meat, herbs, and cheese for their barbecues and Kentucky Derby and coronation parties. I bought a block of 2-year-aged cheddar that was on sale due to it being a broken piece for a snack. The strawberries are already out; I picked up a container, despite it being 8 dollars. 

Rode around Audubon for a little while after that, looking for yard sales. Their town-wide yard sale defaulted to this week after the terrible weather we had last Saturday. Didn't do nearly as well as I did at the Mount Laurel book sale, but I did manage to find a few things. I rarely run across clothing my size at yard sales, but someone had a whole rack of plus sized shirts, track suits, and good trousers. I ended up with a white polo shirt, like the yellow and blue one I bought in February and on my birthday. Most of the toys were in bad shape or more recent characters who didn't interest me, but I did find a handsome curly-furred teddy bear in a faded blue moire ribbon sitting on the top of a pile of stuffed animals. 

There were tons of CDs all over the place. Most of them were rap, country, or pop artists leftover from the heyday of CDs in the late 90's and 2000's. I just ended up with:

Super Hits of the 70's: Have a Nice Day Vol. 6 (I have at least four later discs in the series. I think this is the earliest one I've found.) 

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule

Rode home around 12:30, dodging traffic on Cuthbert. Had lunch, then went right back out again. Was surprised to see a lot of people heading down West Clinton in Oaklyn. Turns out they were having a fair of their own. Closer inspection revealed lots of tables and tents in the municipal parking lot selling beer and food. Tonewood, the brewery on West Clinton, must have been showing off its wares. Not being a drinker, I just moved on.

Audubon Park, the smaller development on the other side of Peter Creek from Oaklyn, also had their town wide yard sale today. Unfortunately, that proved to be a bust. By the time I got there, only a few sales were left. Most of them apparently ended at one. I ended up going behind the Acme to Sonic for a mini-strawberry cheesecake milkshake instead.

Wish I'd stayed at Sonic. Work was a mess today. It's not only the beginning of the month, but this is one of the busiest weekends of the year. The Kentucky Derby and King Charles' coronation were today, and Cinco De Mayo was yesterday. This is also the first really nice day we've had in over a week. Many folks were probably happy to barbecue and get their kids outside again. It's prom season, too. If local high schools didn't have their prom this weekend, they'll probably have them next weekend. 

Didn't help that I got stuck in express again. I kept getting anxious and frustrated. We still have no help. For a lot of the afternoon, there would be one register open and lines down the aisles. Several people complained about prices not coming up right when they were fine. I was going to buy some pads I found with a half-price sticker after work, but the line was long again. I got so tired of listening to a woman whine to her husband about the lines, I ended up ditching the pads and just bought a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Went straight into the shower after I got home. Had dinner while watching tonight's Match Game marathon. Chat regulars have joked for years with the channel's owner MGP about doing a marathon revolving around panelists who are divisive, whom many viewers aren't crazy about, or whom for one reason or another, didn't work out on the show. He finally did that tonight, calling it his "misfit" marathon. 

Some of those "misfits," like Dear Abby, seemed to enjoy themselves well enough, but weren't very good at the game. Others, like austere Raymond Burr and everyman Larry Blyden, played well but didn't get the comedy vibe. Lynn Redgrave didn't appreciate host Gene Rayburn throwing himself at her all week. Kaye Stevens was a good player, but her constant grating laugh and habit of inserting herself into every frame annoys panelists and viewers alike. Don Adams behaved like a jerk for the entire week he was on, demanding special treatment, including Richard's seat, and really not playing all that well either. Then-football player Alex Karras just looked bored, but he did end up in a memorable episode anyway when Gene pitted him against Lola Kiss, the woman wrestler from Transylvania. Belgian author Monique Van Voorten neither played well during her one week in syndication, nor added much to the show besides her odd accent. 

Comedy isn't as easy as it looks...and it's even harder to do comedy and try to answer weird questions. See who worked out and who didn't in this unique marathon!

Finished the night on Tubi with Dot and the Bunny. I go further into the third Australian animation-live action hybrid about a little girl and her animal friends in the outback at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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