Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ease On Down the Road

Slept in longer than usual. Match Game '77 was on by the time I got to breakfast. I let it run into Tattletales as I got organized. We had three great couples here, Jamie Farr and his funny wife Joy, Betty White and Allen Ludden, and Eddie Mekka and his girlfriend Shirley Kirkes. The married couples were the winners here, with Jamie and Joy getting every question right. After the first episode, I took my laundry downstairs, watched a bit of the second show, and headed out.

I wanted to run a few errands while the weather remains nice. Stopped at the library first. I mainly wanted to find the first couple of Oz books for fanfiction inspiration. Found a collection of the first three stories. I also picked up the latest Tea Shop Mystery novel, Lemon Curd Killer, and Bibliphile Mystery, The Paper Caper

Next stop was Target for lunch and to pick up a few things. There was a long line of hungry Catholic high schoolers when I finally arrived. I bought my usual spinach-feta-egg wrap and a honey-lemon citrus tea. The tea was on the same menu as the chilled Refreshers drink...but I had no idea it was hot tea! It was in the 80's today, not great weather for hot drinks. Not only that, but there was way too much lemon in it. It was too bitter to drink. I didn't even get through half before I tossed it.

Looked at toothpaste for gums, but decided it was cheaper elsewhere and bought mouthwash instead. Grabbed a pack of vanilla yogurt and decided to try honey-lavender cashews. Snagged a Diet Canada Dry for the ride home. Grabbed some cold packs for my sore toe that I stubbed at the Goodwill on Friday, too. (And forgot what I came in there for, which was laundry detergent. I had just enough for my huge load today.) 

Ran a couple of Daniel Tiger episodes while putting more of my huge laundry load in the wash and getting organized. "Daniel Fixes Trolley," or a toy one, when his mother encourages him to solve his problems himself. He becomes "Problem Solver Daniel" when he and Miss Elainia try to figure out whether to build a block train or space ship and when he and Prince Wednesday want to wear the same jacket to be an alien.

"Daniel Follows the Rules at the Pool" when he's there with his mother. He learns why they're important when he slips while running and Prince Wednesday is reminded that he needs a grown up's permission to go into the big pool. "Daniel's First Swim Class" makes him a little nervous after he nearly falls into the pool. He feels better once he gets the chance to blow bubbles. Katerina isn't happy when they're called out of the pool before it's her turn, but they can't swim during a thunder storm.

Tried to focus on writing The Wizard of Blank. This Match Game take on The Wizard of Oz is set during the height of the show's popularity in mid-1976. Sweet Joyce Bulifant notices a dog rooting around in the trash near Television City. She can't let the poor little dog go hungry, so she decides to sneak him into the studio and figure out what to do from there.

Broke for dinner and Match Game Syndicated at 7. The first episode was the infamous show where a contestant gives such a strange answer to the Head-to-Head question "Cuckoo __," Gene and the panelists almost literally fall over laughing. The second one continues the gags with Joyce's wigs. (Actually, I like her as a strawberry blonde. She looks a bit like Sandy Duncan.)

Finished the night on YouTube after a shower and finally bringing the laundry upstairs with two very different half-hour animated Wizard of Oz specials. The first is from 1991, and it's more-or-less an accurate condensed retelling of the first book. The shoes are silver, Glinda is from the South, the Witch of the North is a kindly old round lady, and they meet Glinda after the Wizard leaves. Dorothy Meets Ozma of Oz is a half-hour version of the book Ozma of Oz. It's pretty much the same thing as the Disney Return to Oz, only here, a rather bland Ozma leads the rescue mission to find the Queen of Iv and her children, and there's no creepy witches who remove heads. 

Neither has the best animation, but they both have other merits. The 1991 special is actually a pretty close adaptation of the original book. Ozma of Oz retains Billina the talking hen and the scary Wheelers, giving it a slightly dark tone (though not to the degree of Return to Oz). Both are worth checking out if you're an Oz fan looking for different adaptations of the story. 

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