Friday, May 12, 2023

Harts on a Sunny Day

Started off a late morning with breakfast and the last of the three brand-new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episodes. "Daniel and Miss Elaina's Obstacle Course" keeps them amused while Dan Sr. and Music Man Stan fix a music-themed clock. After they break their box "tunnel" and the dads don't have the time to fix it, they turn it into an airplane instead. O and Dan want to show the adults "Daniel and O's Magic Show," but the adults are the middle of a book club meeting. The boys show their best magic tricks to the puppets instead.

Worked on writing for a while after that. I ended up re-writing a little. There's no Earth-shattering kaboom. The bandits raid the jail and shoot up outside the saloon instead.

Broke to change while watching Tattletales. Perfectly kooky pair Donald Ross and Patti Deustch didn't do nearly as well as they usually do on this show, only getting one right. Meredeth MacRae and her husband Greg Mulvaney and character actor Jack Reilly and Leslie Lawrence did much better.

Headed out for work even before the show ended. They had me pushing carts and sweeping all afternoon...and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. It was a little cloudy early in the day, but by 6 PM, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the temperature was a perfect lower 70's. Couldn't have been a nicer day in mid-May. No trouble whatsoever.

My schedule next week isn't much better than this week. Technically, I have fewer hours, but I took Monday as a "float" day, one of the random days we're given off where we get paid. Three days off, Monday for physical therapy, Tuesday, and Friday, along with some late morning hours and no late nights.

Didn't need much in the way of groceries, either. Found the overnight pads I like and the good cotton thin pads on the clearance racks and those fudge-topped shortbread cookies I like on the bakery clearance racks. Restocked coconut milk and those yummy black jam grapes. 

Went straight into the last of Buzzr's TV Moms week when I got home. I came just in time for Wally Brunner to introduce a lady who raised a small, many legged animal the panel couldn't begin to guess - crabs. The Mystery Guest was Harriet Nelson of Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet fame. I knew she seemed familiar! I used to watch that show all the time on the Disney Channel as a kid, and I saw Harriet in her younger days as singer Harriett Hillard in the movie Follow the Fleet with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Had dinner while watching Match Game '79. Lovable comic drunk Foster Brooks joined in here, along with Betty White and Lorna Patterson of Airplane. Dick Martin's strange game show The Cheap Show came in for some ribbing in the Audience Match question "The Cheap ___" in the first episode. The second episode had Betty White helping out with the difficult "Blue Chip __" in the Head-to-Head and Gene helping a nervous contestant calm down.

Finished the night checking out a couple of classic TV show episodes, starting with Hart to Hart. The third season began with "On a Bed of Harts." Jonathan wants to buy the bed he and Jennifer honeymooned in, but when he learns the Napa Valley vineyard and inn it's in is up for auction, he ends up buying the whole parcel. The bed, however, is coveted by smugglers who want it and a mysterious Frenchman who keeps trying to buy it. They end up hauling the bed all over Napa Valley and San Francisco, trying to find out why everyone's after a simple four-poster bed.

Moved to Hulu for an early episode of MASH. Every afternoon at 5 PM, an ineffectual North Korean pilot the surgeons nicknamed "5 O'Clock Charlie" attempts to blow up an ammo dump near the camp. He's the subject of amusement for everyone in the camp but Frank Burns, who convinces a general to give him an anti-aircraft gun. Hawkeye and Trapper think there's a better way to deal with him.

Finished the night at Hulu with the third season of Sailor Moon. Usagi's boyfriend Mamoru invites her and the Guardians to a fancy party put on by his older British friend Edwards. The girls are all excited for the chance to dance with Mamoru and lovely Haruka, but the arrival of a tuneless monster and Usagi getting drunk on what she thinks is juice puts a crimp in their romantic dreams. "Usagi Dances the Waltz" and finds a way to sober up and get rid of this tone-deaf party crasher. 

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