Saturday, July 01, 2023

Harvests and Matches

Started off the morning with breakfast and Liberty's Kids. This PBS series revolved around three kids - a printer's apprentice, a young French immigrant, and a wealthy girl - who witness the events of the American Revolution. In this case, the young lady, Sarah, helps Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence, while the boys round up the delegates from New Jersey and Delaware to join the debate on the declaration. They're all around to see the evens of "The First Fourth of July."

Dashed out shortly after that. I got up later than planned and didn't get to the Collingswood Farm Market until quarter after 11. Even that late in the morning, they were still overwhelmed with people buying produce for their holiday weekend barbecues and family get-togethers. Strawberries are done, but I was able to get blueberries and peaches. Bought six crusty rolls from the Italian bakery booth...and since it was late, an older gentleman with a heavy and charming Italian accent threw in four more. 

I wanted cherries, but they weren't to be found anywhere. They were all sold out. There's a little produce shop on Haddon Avenue, just a few blocks from the farm market and across from WaWa. They're owned by a pleasant Hispanic family who stuffed the little storefront with just about every fruit and vegetable that ever existed. Not only did I find cherries in the back, but they were in containers that were twice the size of the ones sold at the farm market, and they looked just as beautiful. They were only five dollars too, which wasn't bad for the size.

Stopped at WaWa for a drink. Turns out they have Propel now. I grabbed Strawberry Kiwi and got out quickly as I could.

At least it was a decent day for running around. It's still smoky and it was hot, in the mid-80's, but it was also sunny and windy. Much nicer than the killer heat we're supposed to get next week!

Went straight home after that. Put everything away, then had lunch while watching Uncle Sam Magoo. I go further into the second and last Mr. Magoo holiday at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Spent the rest of the morning writing the review. Literally hurried out with no time to spare. The traffic wasn't bad on either Pike, and I got to work just a minute or two late.

Work started out busy, with no help and several people in bad moods or with cards that didn't work. I got the manager to help with them. It thankfully died down as everyone headed to those barbecues and family reunions. It was so dead by the time I left, I got out with no relief and no need for one.

Hurried home and into dinner and this week's Match Game Saturday Classics Marathon. Match Game turns 50 tomorrow, so Match Game Productions is running the show's top 50 episodes throughout the weekend and on Monday. The marathon kicked off with the very first episode of the show, featuring its first one-time-only celebrity Michael Landon and its first memorable contestant, a beautiful woman named Stanley. Charles, Brett, Betty White, and Bert Convy made their first appearances on the third week, marking the first time Brett commented on Charles' lack of socks. 

There was the time announcer Johnny Olsen sat in for Gary Burghoff when he was late (and did very well, too!). Or the nighttime episode where Marcia Wallace gave an answer that was so sexually charged, it was censored. Or the syndicated episode where future talk show hostess Jenny Jones appeared as a contestant and won her first game. Other memorable contestants included sweet Carol Bartos, who would go on to win over $20,000, and cop CB Farnsworth, whom Charles and Richard made up a song about. The 1977 episode from yesterday where Polly Holliday's microphone died and Gene and Richard gave it a funeral turned up here, too, as did the first day of the Star Wheel seen on the Mary Wickes marathon last week. 

Two more night time shows were among the best syndicated offerings. Episode #11 vanished after its premiere and wouldn't be seen again until Buzzr unearthed it last October. After the contestant struck out, Richard finishes the episode reading a hilarious letter by a bricklayer who has a hard time keeping control of his wares. A much later episode from 1980 featured a gentleman in blue who hears Charles gives "Code of Arms" for "Code of__" and once again tear his name off the Star Wheel. 

Celebrate 50 years of wacky matches with this long and delightful marathon!

And after you've seen the lunacy, check out this interview with head Match Game writer Dick DiBartolo on what it was like writing for the show!

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