Sunday, July 23, 2023

Long Tall Lady

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Mr. Frumble accidentally crashes his pickle car and has to take it to Mr. Fixit. "Mr. Frumble's New Cars" aren't anything like he thinks when he mistakes a bulldozer, a taxi, and a plane for his vehicle! Ernest the Mountain Goat wants to join his friend Heidi on the mountain patrol, but he's not good at climbing. Heidi is tired of hearing him blow his horn whenever he's in trouble. "Ernest and Heidi In the Alps" discover a better use for Ernest's horn when they end up danging together off the edge of a mountain! Huckle thinks new boy at school Billy Dog looks really mean...but he's the one who causes "Billy Dog's Bad Day" when he keeps running away or tripping around Billy.

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended. Thankfully, despite ending up in express again, work wasn't anywhere near the trouble it's been lately. We were off-and-on steady the entire evening. Not only did we mostly have plenty of help, but the weather remains gorgeous. It's hotter, but there's still a nice wind, and it remains dry. It's just too nice for anyone to be shopping. It was so quiet by 7, I shut down a little early to put away some loose items.

Went straight home after that and into the shower, then had leftovers for dinner and put on YouTube. Lovely character actress Barbara Rhodes was in the spotlight tonight. This stunning, statuesque redhead was one of the better women who regularly sat in the "ingenue" seat, aka seat 4. She was smart, very funny, and a good player, and dealt with Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson's ogling well. 

She was also one of the later semi-regulars, not making her debut until mid-1977. As such, some of her best moments were in the later seasons and syndication. She was on that wild week late in 1979 that featured Dear Abby and an adorable little old lady who said Charles was her favorite. Another time in '77, she saw Brett and Charles wear one of Brett's long necklaces around both their necks. (Later in the episode, she discussed her appearance in one of my favorite romantic comedies from the late 70's, The Goodbye Girl.) A later syndicated episode let her and big George Kennedy show how tall they were compared to each other and Gene (who wasn't short himself). She was in that PM episode featuring the sweet southern belle contestant with the golden curls and bouncy personality to match. 

Celebrate the great long tall beauty of game shows with this hilarious marathon!

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