Friday, March 02, 2007

Coming Of Spring

I awoke this morning to a torrential rain storm...or more accurately, a torrential rain storm woke ME up, at about 5:30, no less. It was really the most exciting thing that happened today, other than the rain finally disappeared around mid-morning, the sun came out, and it was at least 60.

I volunteered today. The store wasn't really very busy, and I mostly organized things in the back so the people who come in tomorrow can put out the spring clothes and put the winter clothes away. Didn't find much at the store that caught my fancy, just a Calvin and Hobbes comic book and a cheap camera to sustain until I can find afford a good one. (My old camera died last year.)

I made a simple-but-lovely dinner for myself at home tonight, spaghetti (really the last of the Asian noodles leftover from my Chinese New Year dinner), chicken parmasagn, and (defrosted frozen) green beans with Ragu sauce. Nothing fancy, but very filling and tasty. The leftovers will feed me for the rest of the week.

I'm hoping to get back into Philadelphia to talk to Borders and some of the other stores I missed the last time I was there tomorrow, since I'm off and it's supposed to be another nice day. (Sadly, it's not supposed to stay that way - according to Yahoo!Weather, it'll be warm over the weekend, then get cold again by Tuesday.)

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