Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Is Here, I Hear

Volunteer day. Erica and I went out to the Pop Shop, a diner in Collingswood down the street from the Friends In Deed thrift shop, this morning. She had toast and eggs. I had three chocolate chip pancakes that were bigger than the plate! As you may imagine, I did not finish them and one and a half of those pancakes are now sitting in my freezer for a future breakfast.

Having called out last week due to the snow/ice and just feeling lousy, I was confronted by a mess in the back when I returned. I sorted everything out as fast as I could, putting out more clothes, putting clothes in bad shape in bags for the Salvation Army, and putting winter clothes (like heavy sweaters or corduroy pants) into boxes. There were at least two different donations in the back when I got there, and more arrived as the day continued.

Actually, the reason I asked for Thursday off to begin with was for my counceling appointment, which happens to be down the street from Friends In Deed. It went well. My councelor, Scott, is a nice guy. He's really suggesting I look into local writing groups and keep trying to push getting a job at Barnes and Noble or Borders in Philly.

Both seem hard at the moment. The groups seem to be mostly at night or in the afternoon, not good with my mostly afternoon and night work schedule. Barnes and Noble isn't hiring until May; I can't even get someone to talk to at Borders. I'm just so nervous about it. I'm not good with groups. Looking up local writing groups online last night made me panic.

I went back to Friends In Deed after my counceling session and bought a small country-art-esque stuffed bunny for Easter, the first Calvin and Hobbes comic book, a CD rack (I put CDs I made myself in it), a picture of a bunnies and tulips to hang on the wall behind my dining room table for the duration of the spring, a T-shirt, a pair of flip flops, and a tank top.

I ended up wearing the T-shirt and the flip-flops home. Sometime between our arrival in Collingswood around 9:15 and my heading out for counceling at quarter of 2, it jumped from in the 30s to the upper 60s! I was so hot in the back room, I couldn't stand the heavy loafers and long-sleeved shirt I'd worn to work, and I'd wanted the T-shirt anyway.

It's supposedly going to stay reletively warm and spring-like for a while; good, as I'd like to try to get out to the dollar stores sometime this weekend, and I'll need to run other errands Saturday.

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