Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Will Be A Little Early This Year

It was 80 degrees today. 80 degrees. In Southern New Jersey. In March. I still have my windows open, and (despite what this blog says) it's 9:30PM. The weather isn't supposed to last (we're supposed to get a nasty storm, then more normal 40-degree weather), but it was at least nice to air out my braided rug in such great weather. I finished washing the windows and did the dusting and vacumning, which finishes my cleaning for the month.

It was so nice (and I was so not in a cooking mood) that I treated myself to dinner at the International House of Pancakes near the Audubon Acme. I had two Garden Stuffed Crepes that stuffed ME; part of one will be my lunch tomorrow.

Work was (understandably, on such a nice day) quiet until about 5 or so and people started coming home from work, by which time I was almost done anyway.

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