Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Falling Leaves Drift By My Window

Spent this morning raking the leaves from the side path leading to my apartment. There's lots and lots of trees surrounding the house, and it was an ankle-deep mess. It took about an hour, and another twenty minutes to sweep the porch. The leaves here have mostly hit their peak. Some are still pretty, but most are largely brown and either on the ground or pretty close. My landlady pays me $10 an hour for raking the yard, so I earned ten bucks, but more importantly, got the leaves out of the way. Yeah, the money's nice...but you wade through ankle-deep leaves and heavy sticks with bad knees and see how much fun you have. I got sick of tripping over those two little stumps by the gutter again, and I don't want anyone else tripping on them, either.

The rest of the day was much quieter. I ran to CVS for some shampoo, and ended up with another photo album so I could finally get last summer's pictures (from the trip to New England and my little nephew's birthday party) off the baker's rack.

Oh, and I did something new with my WebKinz. I started a garden. A friend sent me packets of "seeds" - strawberries, pumpkins, watermelon, corn, and cabbage. I bought Miles and Rosie a yard. Half the yard is devoted to outdoor items, like a barbecue and a trampoline. The other half is our very own garden! Right now, we're in the midst of cultivation. It'll probably be a while before we're ready for harvesting.

Oh, and I've tried a couple of other arcade games. My best by far is Tulip Trouble 2. I can get up to about level 15. I also get a kick out of the batter game (I forget the name), even though I don't get much money from it.

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