Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mall Madness

Went shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall this morning with my sister Rose. I finally got myself two pairs of pants from Lane Bryant, brown corduroys and dark-blue denims with nifty v-stitching on the pockets. It took a while to find jeans that fit right. For some reason, Lane Bryant's jeans fall under a different size system than their other clothes (or most clothes in other stores, for that matter). Instead of 18, 16, etc, you have 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. I eventually ended up in a 4 petite in jeans and an 18 average in cords, which is definitely good news for someone who was up to a 24 in jeans this time last year.

Rose bought me a pair of black stretch pants to give me for Christmas. I got rid of my last pair of good black pants two years ago because they didn't fit!

(Oh, and according to my scale last night, I lost another pound. I'm back down to 201, which means I've lost 39 pounds since April.)

We also made quick stops at Pacific Sun, Sephora, and Old Navy. Rose wanted to start her Christmas shopping (I'll wait for my trip with Amanda), and she needed a new coat. She got a really cute knee-length gray pea coat at Old Navy.

Work was busy when I came in at 4PM (I hit the after-work rush hour), steady when I left shortly after 8. The worst that happened had nothing to do with customers. The free turkey coupons were acting weird. They kept saying "Not Found" when you typed in the price...even though the price and code were correct! The woman in charge of coupons and pricing wasn't in; hopefully, it'll be fixed by the time I go in tomorrow.

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