Friday, September 02, 2016

Beginning of the Holiday Weekend

Spent most of the morning on another relatively early shift. To my annoyance, I spent the first half in a register. We were absolutely crazy through about noon. Several people called out and a front end manager went home sick, leaving us short on help. Not only is it the beginning of the month and a holiday weekend, but despite today's utterly gorgeous weather, we're supposed to be getting at least something from Tropical Storm Hermine later this weekend. Some people may already be preparing for the rain.

It slowed down later long enough for me to get out of the register and onto the floor. The long sandbags the store's using to soak up the water from the freezer leaks were full again. I had to mop up the leaks, unlock the back door, hang up the soaked ones, and lay down fresh ones. It's a good thing they asked me to stay an extra hour. It took me almost two hours just to get all that done.

My schedule next week is pretty good, probably the best I've had in months. I'm not off on Labor Day again this year, but I only work noon to 4. I am off Sunday and next Friday. Lots of early days this week, too. I get off early enough on Wednesday to run errands that afternoon. Might try for the Westmont Farm Market this week. I'll work too early next Saturday for the Collingswood Farm Market.

Didn't have a huge grocery list this week. Thanks to Labor Day barbecues and parties, there's lots of meat sales going on. I grabbed a package of chicken breasts and another of legs. Restocked mayo, eggs, Greek yogurt, canned apricots, brown sugar, peanut butter, jam, and chocolate chips. Found more oat bran and the Duncan Hines Pink Velvet cake mix on the clearance racks. (I may make the latter for Labor Day.) Took advantage of back to school sales to pick up more Elmer's Glue for my collages. Grabbed more Crystal Pepsi, too.

Most limited edition holiday cereals are too sugary or filled with marshmallows for me to eat as a regular thing. Life finally bridged that gap with a Pumpkin Spice flavor. I loved the Vanilla they put out earlier in the summer. Good thing Quaker cereals were on a nice sale.

When I went home, I put everything away, then went into writing. Han is teasing Leia at the Rogues' party. Luke finally tells him to lay off. They all end up following Hera to the back porch, where the others are making plans against Empire Industries. Han thinks they're crazy, but Leia wonders if they might have something...

Broke for dinner around quarter after 6. Finished out The Muppets Take Manhattan while eating dinner and making chocolate chip cookie batter. (I'll bake them tomorrow.) Ran Garfield In Hollywood while putting together the icing for that lemon mini-cake I attempted a few days ago. Garfield, Jon, and Odie win a big pet talent contest. Garfield is determined to be a star at any cost, but Jon wonders if winning would mean leaving him behind when they cut him out of the act.

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