Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I awoke to a sunny morning...and noisy cursing downstairs from Charlie. I ran more school-themed Tiny Toon Adventures to drown him out. "Son of Looniversity Daze" returns us to dear old Acme Loo, where the students have devils over their heads when they cheat and lockers are automated. The first story has Plucky switching his name on a pop quiz from Foghorn Leghorn for Egghead Jr's. He spends the rest of the short wracked with guilt over his choice. Hampton goes solo in the second, where he has to deal with an obnoxious computerized locker that won't give up his lunch. Buster, Hampton, and Plucky team up for the third, a riff on the Laurel & Hardy short "The Music Box." The boys have to figure out how to get a piano that was (for some reason) dropped on the roof down to the auditorium for a recital.

Spent the rest of the morning trying to figure out my finances. They were grim. I don't make much money. Even just paying two bills and groceries pretty much wipes out most of what I make in a month. I can only cut so many expenses. I don't pay for the water or electricity, just the internet. I'm not sure how I'd handle getting a second job. I need to figure out how to sell my work or find a decent office that needs help.

Switched to washing the windows around quarter of 1. I had to refill the window washer bottle. I bought a refill bottle for it ages ago. It may have saved me money (especially since the giant bottle came from Dollar Tree), but I regret it now. It took up tons of room in the back and was messy to pour in the smaller bottle. I think, from now on, I'll just replace the bottle of window washing liquid when it runs out. It's not like I use a lot, anyway.

Finally headed out for my errands run around 1. First stop was Friendly's for lunch. They're still having that Comb-Ohh! deal that gives you a sandwich and fries and a one-scoop dish of ice cream for $9.99. I had the BBQ Bacon Burger, fries, and a dish of Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream with marshmallow sauce for lunch. The burger was ok, pretty much just a basic burger with bacon and a little barbecue sauce slathered on. The ice cream was amazing. I love cinnamon, and this was divine, with tons of pastry pieces and huge swirls of cinnamon sugar.

Friendly's was mostly dead by then, but I did get to see the most adorable little girl run around. She played "peek-a-boo" behind the seats with her daddy, ran up and down the aisle, and inspected salt and pepper shakers. It would have been more of a problem if it was busy, but given how quiet it was, she came off as more cute than annoying. The two older couples there didn't seem to mind her, either. (One pair was just getting ice cream anyway)

Made a quick stop at Dollar Tree next. I just needed sponges. I would have loved to have taken a look at the Halloween decorations, but not only do I not have the money, but it's too early to think Halloween. For once, the line wasn't that bad. I was in and out in five minutes.

I wasn't at the Haddon Township Library that long, either. Between the nice day and the kids being back in school, there just wasn't much to do. Plus there was a sign indicating that DVDs were not to be shelved. I compromised and just did the kids' titles. It's easy to tell the kids are in school now. The DVD racks in the children's area were all full, to the point where I had to do some creative reshuffling to get them in.

I didn't take out any movies this week. For one thing, I never got to one of the movies I rented last week. I really want to concentrate on cleaning, writing, and figuring out my finances. To the latter end, I did take out two books on money management.

Went home via Newton Lake Park. It was a glorious day for it. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and while it was warmer than it was yesterday, it still wasn't bad for early September. Surprisingly, they were fairly quiet. I guess the kids were still getting out of school at that point.

Went straight on the computer when I got in. I managed to pull away from all the distractions online long enough to introduce the droid characters to my narrative. Here, the "droids" are a pair of nerds from Europe. Chip Thompson is a tall, thin geek from England with huge round glasses and very shiny blond hair. Arturro Detonski is a short, stocky fellow from an unnamed Eastern European country. Arturro doesn't speak English well, and Chip, who is studying languages, is the only one in the group who can understand him.

Finished the night quietly with a leftover chicken leg and Chinese beans. Switched from the Miles Davis and George Benson I listened to this morning to more K-Tel albums to cover Charlie's continued cursing and blasting 80's music.

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