Friday, September 30, 2016

Rainy Day Harvest

It was pouring outside when I got up this morning. Though the rain had slowed down by breakfast, I thought it was still a good morning for some mildly spooky Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater shorts. "The Phantom of the Theater" has cut the ropes to the stage curtain and stolen My Melody's teddy bear and Catnip's candy stash. The group searches the theater to find the culprit behind the spooky goings-on. Catnip's not happy that she's playing "Frankencat," a mad scientist who creates a none-too-bright robot (Grinder) that befriends My Melody. She prefers being the more glamorous "Catula," a milk-drinking vampire who has sucked all the dairy products out of Catsylvania. Hello Kitty and her friends are called to investigate. Sam the Penguin is "The Pawed Piper," whom Mayor Catnip has hired to lure all the fleas out out of town. When she won't pay, Sam takes his own kind of revenge.

It was showering lightly when I got to work, and continued to do so for most of the day. It wasn't too bad when I got in. In fact, it had been so dead this morning, the early bagger was able to do what few returns there were when she arrived. I spent most of the day bagging, rounding up carts and baskets, or cleaning the bathroom. I really wish people would tell me where the cleaning supplies are...or better yet, keep them in one place. It took me ten minutes just to find a bucket and a scrub sponge. I got stuck in the register a couple of times, too.

My schedule this week is pretty much the same as last week. I do have later hours on Sunday, with Friday off instead of Saturday. Other than more hours would have been nice, that's fine. I just paid my rent today. I have no money. I was going to concentrate fully on writing, cleaning, and getting the winter clothes out this week.

Good thing I didn't need much, even if I had the money for it. I really was out of brown sugar, skim milk, canned pineapple, cheddar cheese, and cereal. (The Acme/Safeway generic brand cereals are still really cheap. Went with shredded wheat this time.The generic brown sugar was on sale, too.) Couldn't resist my first Russel Stover's Coconut Nest of the season as a treat. Their tasty milk chocolate coconut patty is only seen during the holidays, as the "Coconut Nest" for Halloween and Easter and the "Coconut Wreath" at Christmas.

Headed home, put everything away, then went on the computer to do some writing. The bear remains with Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan for the rest of the winter. He goes out during the day to hunt and stretch his legs, then comes home and spends the evening with them. The twins are disappointed when spring comes and he insists on leaving. He has to defend his treasure from the evil sorcerer who lives in the woods.

A few weeks later, Leia is gathering firewood when she finds an elderly man with wavy white hair whose cape is stuck in the crevice of a log. He's mad as a hornet, insulting Leia and demanding she help. Leia's no sweet, innocent little child and gives him rudeness back before finally using a knife to cut his cape free. He calls her stupid, grabs a bag of gold, and takes off. Leia's angry, but thinks no more of it.

Broke around 6 for dinner and a walk. The rain was down to just dampness and clouds by then, just in time for Oaklyn's Final Friday Food and Farm Festival. I'm glad they didn't cancel. This is the last one of the year. This time, it was just food trucks, one farm stand, and the lady with the chickens. (Studio LuLoo moved their activities indoors.) I did buy some greens from the farmers. Even with the weather and the reduced selection, it was still really busy. Opted for a cheaper panzerotti and can of Diet Coke in Phillies Phatties than the one sold at one of the trucks.

(And I really hope they continue these next year. Maybe they could even start in May instead of June and extend it all the way down the next block to the Oaklyn School. I had a lot of fun, and considering the massive crowds on all four days, I'm not the only one.)

Finished the night at home with a green salad and some Bowery Boys. Slip inadvertently lands himself and the guys in a Smuggler's Cove when he thinks he's inherited a big old mansion on Long Island. Turns out the mansion's a hide-out for international jewel thieves who are bringing both gems and refugees in. The boys end up needing help from the mansion's real owner, a harried businessman, and their detective buddy Gabe to get them out of this pickle!

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