Sunday, September 04, 2016

Don't Rain On My Parade

Slept in this morning. Began a surprisingly sunny Sunday with a couple of the K-Tel 70's LP pop collections and Apple-Oatmeal Pancakes. The pancakes came out really well. I added some cinnamon along with the oats. Very sweet and yummy, though I did burn the first one a little.

Went in the back and looked up some stuff in my journals, then rounded up my laundry to get that done. Eventually. The back wheel on my bike's been loose for over a week now. I should have gone to the shop at Haddonfield and had them look at it, but I didn't want to spend money I didn't have. Richard and Charlie were in the front yard, doing repairs. Richard saw me cursing at the darn thing and said he'd take a look at it. (He later told me the brakes came loose and had to be tightened.)

Looked up a few things online while I couldn't go anywhere, mainly pertaining to the weather. The chance of Tropical Storm Hermine hitting here seem to be diminishing by the second. It's now down to "a little bit of rain tonight or tomorrow maybe." Some tropical storm. The weather was even more gorgeous today than it was yesterday, breezy and cool and no more than the mid to upper 70's, with lots of sun and blue skies.

Finally made it to the laundromat around quarter after 2. I didn't think they'd be that busy on a holiday weekend...but I forgot it's also the beginning of the month. They were packed and noisy. I worked on my story notes and tried to ignore the screaming kids running around (and their mother yelling at them). Thank heavens I had a tiny load. I was in and out in under an hour.

After I got home and put everything away, I tried to work on writing. I did manage to finish the party. It ends with Han saying he won't take part in trying to save the cottages. They're all crazy. They could never take down a company as huge as Empire Industries. And anyway, he's not planning on being around for long. He finally drags Charlie out. Everyone else gathers around Hera to make plans.

I finally got off around 6:30-7ish. I'd wanted to get to Dad and Jodie's sometime this weekend and finally return the luggage I borrowed for vacation. I also needed to ask them what they were doing for Labor Day. Glad I went when I did. It was even cooler as the sun started going down. I regretted not bringing a sweater.

As it turns out, they're not doing anything tomorrow. Jodie's going out of town, and Dad's not up to parties. I'm glad I went over there tonight. Besides finally returning the darn luggage, I got to share a really nice meal of corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes cooked in a Crock Pot with them. Also chatted with Jesse, who was working on the plots of flowers between the main house and the apartment he shares with his girlfriend Dana (whom I'd seen talking to Jodie earlier). He's done a really nice job, too. The gardens look great. (And he says he doesn't have a green thumb!)

When I got home, I decided I wanted to do a little more baking before it gets too hot for it again. I bought a very plump zucchini from the Collingswood Farm Market on Saturday. I thought I'd try making Zucchini Bread. There's a recipe in Julie's Cooking Studio for Zucchini Bread, which was apparently considered a health food in the 70's. I tried making it at least a little healthier for me with 2/3 of a cup of blended canola/sunflower oil instead of 1 cup and 1/2 cup of brown sugar instead of 2 cups. Didn't come out too badly. The lesser amount of oil works out, but it was a tad bland. Might put in a cup of brown sugar next time.

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