Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainy Day Birds and Bears

It was showering hard when I awoke this morning. The rain made a rather nice backdrop for finishing Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead. I...don't think I'll keep this one. I love the Indiana Jones novels, but this was a little too much horror for me. Interesting premise, though. Indy and his buddy Mac are after a fabled black pearl in Hati during World War II. A German scientist and Japanese doctor want formula the box's it's in contains for their respective country, hoping it can strengthen their men. A voodoo priest wants the power it brings. The young woman who guides them turns out to be the key... It was kind of like a better-written Temple of Doom set in the Caribbean, with a heroine who was not only interesting, but drove the plot. Hatian culture and magic has obviously been better-researched than Indian magic and cults as well. The whole zombie thing is, not surprisingly, very bloody and very graphic.

Switched to something less bloodsoaked as the rain continued and I ate breakfast. I thought the spooky, damp morning called for a touch of musical mystery. Pablo is asking "Whodunnit?" in a Backyardigans first-season spoof of Agatha Christie-style tales. Pablo comes to the home of Lady Tasha and her butler Tyrone when Tasha's jewels vanish! Could Tasha's neighbor Austin Frothingslosh or the suddenly-appearing Uniqua Underhood have anything to do with the theft?

The rain was down to a very light shower by the time I hit the laundromat. It didn't keep people away. They were really busy this morning. I'm glad I was able to get a washer without a fuss. I had a huge load this week, including sheets. Took me a while, too. I was there for over an hour.

Not a good thing. I barely got home with enough time to put the laundry away, eat muffins for lunch, and change into newly-washed work clothes. Ran another one of my favorite Backyardigans episodes as I hurried. Tyrone is the master and Austin the student who is learning how to make "Samurai Pie." Austin has to craft "The Great Pie" and bring it to hungry Empress Tasha...if pie-snitching ninjas Pablo and Uniqua don't get it first!

Work was really crazy today, especially during rush hour. It was the last day of a major 4-day sale and the Eagles were playing Monday Night Football. The freezer leaks were back, too. Thankfully, only aisle 10 was really that bad, and only one section. I did a lot of bagging and re-shelved tons of cold items that had to go back right away.

It was raining when I arrived. I got a bit wet riding to work and rounding up carts in the early afternoon. By 5, the rain was down to dark clouds, and the crowds were thinning. Despite having to borrow a college boy cashier to help, rounding up carts went far smoother.

Went right in the bath the moment I got home. I needed that so badly. Felt great to lean back and read over the financial help books I took out last week while listening to Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon.

Ran the first half of Bowery Buckaroos during dinner. Slip and the guys are headed out west to help clear Louie the soda shop owner from a murder charge and follow a map (drawn on Sach's back) to gold. Meanwhile, their gambler buddy Gabe has his eyes on a pretty and smart cowgirl.

Finished the night online, listening to the Eagles game. It was another great one. The Eagles (and their amazing rookie quarterback Carson Wentz) took an early lead over the Chicago Bears, and while they pulled off a touchdown late in the first quarter, they'd only manage one more the rest of the night. They went on to win 29-14. 

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