Monday, September 26, 2016

Pass That Peace Pipe

I overslept this morning. Had just enough time to read a few chapters of Red Velvet Cake Murder, write in my journal, eat breakfast, change, and rush to work. Work was fairly quiet early on. I rounded up carts when I got in, then did returns. It got busier as we got closer to lunch. They had a hard time finding things for me to do later. Ended up filling racks with dollar tote bags and vacuuming the remaining freezer mess. Got stuck taking customers for the last half-hour, even though we weren't that busy.

By the time I got off, it was cloudy, cool, and a little humid. I'd heard it might rain later in the day, so I just headed home. Spent the rest of the afternoon working on my story. Luke hurries over to Ben, Hank, Charlie, and single dad Kes Dameron and his 4-year-old son Poe. They need to go to Organa Island and rescue Leia - and fast. Unfortunately, Hera and The Ghost are out on a fishing run. Hank offers his fishing vessel The Millennium Falcon, but for a very high price. Luke protests, but Ben says he can pay. He tells Kes to call the police if they're not home by daybreak and reassures little Poe that they'll be fine.

Broke for dinner around 6:30. I had the last of the cheese-stuffed chicken thighs for dinner, along with Cucumber-Tomato Salad. I wanted to make the tasty Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe from the Pillsbury cookie cookbook Anny gave me a few years ago, but I didn't realize I only had half of one (very big) zucchini left. I threw in two small carrots to make up for it and to add a note of bright color. Yum. I love this recipe. I probably should have cooked them longer, but I couldn't wait. They were very sweet and a bit nutty.

Ran Susannah of the Mounties as I ate and baked. Shirley Temple is the title character, a feisty young girl whose parents were killed in an Indian attack on their wagon train. She's taken in by a Mountie named Monty (Randolph Scott), whom she develops a crush on. He's more interested in the General's daughter (Margaret Lockwood). Meanwhile, he's also trying to make a peace treaty with the local Indians. The chief leaves his son Little Chief with them as security. Little Chief eventually makes friends with Susannah (despite being condescending to her because of her age and gender), even making her a part of the tribe. Susannah's new friendship is tested when she and Little Chief discover that unscrupulous members of the tribe tried to sell the men building a near-by railroad their own stolen horses. The head of the railroad project insulted the chief, who has kidnapped Monty. Susannah has to decide if she should keep the secret and keep the Indians from getting hurt...or tell the truth and save her guardian.

Ok Temple action pic. For all the rather silly stereotypes here, I do like that it's emphasized that both sides are to blame for inciting a near-war - the chief and the railroad owner both over-reacted - and most of the Indians are played as decent people who just want to live in peace. Stereotypes are still very much present, though, including Shirley smoking "the pipe of peace" twice. (She doesn't react well either time.) Not my favorite Temple movie, but not bad if you have fans of her at home.

Finished the night as the cookies cooled with a Three Stooges shorts. The Stooges have their own fun with Indian stereotypes in "Whoops, I'm an Indian." They're on the lam after their rigged game is discovered in town. They dress as natives to avoid their pursuers...but first they run afoul of a French trapper whose wife ran off with an Indian, then the trapper falls for "Indian princess" Curly.

( date, it hasn't rained. It's now saying early this morning. We'll see. It's just been cloudy since I got home.)

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