Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I'd Rather Be Writing

Had the first of four early work sessions (three in a row) this morning. We were dead for most of the day, but there was still plenty to do. One cart was filled with nothing but boxes of Tastycakes and bags of bread, hot dog rolls, and hamburger buns that needed to be returned. Which would have been great, if someone hadn't already refilled the Tastycakes. I dumped the boxes of cupcakes on a display near the meat department, then cleared bread off a shelf and left the rest there.

Didn't have as much luck the rest of the day. Same problem as last week - I'd start one job, then be called to another ten minutes later. I didn't have help until later in the day, either. Never finished vacuuming water or returning carts (twice). I was so happy to finally get out of there.

It was so nice, I took the long way home down Nicholson Road. That tropical storm never materialized here. It was the same it's been all weekend - on and off cloudy, windy, and slightly humid, if warmer. It wasn't even that busy, other than kids just getting home from their first day of school.

Hit the computer for the rest of the afternoon to actually get some writing done. Ben Kenobi is teaching Luke how to use "the Force" - aka, connect with his surroundings - to become one with the water. Hank Solokowski, who watches the two practice from his fishing boat, thinks they're both crazy. There's no such thing as "the Force." He's just lucky he managed to ride that small wave.

Ben invites both to the Boardwalk. Luke would love to go. Hank doesn't have the time. He needs to earn enough money to get down to Mexico (where he can flee his former boss Jasper Hutt).

Made Chicken Marsala and sweet Jersey corn on the cob for dinner while watching Captain January. Peppy Star (Shirley Temple) is the darling of a fishing community and the beloved ward of the local lighthouse keeper (Guy Kibbee). Star's happy life is threatened when a truant officer (Sara Haden) insists she goes to school. Even after her guardian and his friend the lighthouse keeper inspector (Slim Summerville) help her with her test, the woman is determined to see Star put in a facility for orphans. Things go from bad to worse when the lighthouse is automated and Captain January is out of job. No matter how bad things get, he's determined to keep Star with him, no matter what.

Nautical-themed variation on Temple's "orphan is dragged from unconventional guardians" movies does have two good numbers, the charming "At the Codfish Ball" and Summerville, Temple, and Kibbee singing the Sextet from Lucia Di Lamour. (The "Right Somebody to Love" number, with Kibbee as a giant baby, on the other hand, is just plain strange.) If you love Shirley's other vehicles, or have kids who love her, this one is pretty much the same deal.

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Linda said...

The original Captain January novel is on Project Gutenberg, if you're interested!