Thursday, September 01, 2016

In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Day

Started the day with work. It was raining when I was reading Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom this morning. By the time I made it to the Acme, the rain was gone, and it was just damp and cool. I spent the morning rounding up carts, doing returns, and vacuuming the water mess on the leaky freezers. Helped the other bagger bring boxes of plastic bags up to the registers later. I wanted to go back to trying to do something about the leaks, but the lines started picking up around noon-12:30 as everyone got out of work early for the weekend. I just barely got out on time. (Had a late lunch because I got stuck in a register, too.)

Thankfully, it was down to it being a little cloudy, humid, and unusually cool for this time of year when I rushed home. Spent the next few hours writing. Leia has arrived at the party. It's pretty wild, as per the teen movies of the time. Leia's not as amused by people racing lobsters and making out in random places. Han manages to find Leia for some flirting, but she has other things on her saving the cottages.

When I got off, I finished Strawberry Shortcake while eating leftovers for dinner. The girls finally drag Apple Dumpling away from her instructional video long enough to tell a tall tale of her own. She tells her own version of Around the World In 80 Days, with her being pursued by dastardly villains and helping odd locals (Sweet, Sour, Lemon Meringue) while making her way cross-country to win a contest. Apple realizes that spending so much time on her video took her away from the reason she was there in the first have fun with her friends.

It had finally cooled off long enough for me to open the windows and do some baking. I made a real mess of the mini-cake-mix. I threw it together and made it too soupy, and it overflowed. My Mini Chocolate Chip "Old School" Muffins came out much better.

Watched The Muppets Take Manhattan as I worked. The Muppets are in New York, hoping to bring their college variety show to Broadway. They're finding the gritty Big Apple of the 80's to be far less hospitable than they had hoped as door after door is shut in their faces. Though the others eventually move on, Kermit remains, determined to get their show on one way or another...and Miss Piggy is determined to remain by her frog. They finally find a producer (real-life Broadway actor and director Lonny Price) willing to put their show on, but then Kermit disappears...

This is my favorite Muppet movie along with The Great Muppet Caper. Though lacking some of the wackier gags from that one, it has a more interesting and surprisingly touching plot with some catchy songs, including the famous number that introduced the Muppet Babies. Love the use of real-life New York and Broadway celebrities of the time in cameos as well, from Linda Lavin to Art Carney (as Price's cranky producer father) to Brooke Shields. If you're a fan of the Muppets, musicals, or looking for a good family movie, this is one of the better Muppet films and is recommended.

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