Friday, September 23, 2016

Legendary Rebels

Began and ended the day with writing. Leia, Jyn, Cassian, and the nerds listen to the tapes and go over the plans for the Empire Star Resort at Jyn and Cassian's cottage. The Empire Star Resort will be enormous, covering ten city blocks...and that's not counting a mall and an amusement pier. Cassian points out that this will create even worse congestion in the city than there already is during the summer.

Leia adds that the project would require demolishing not only historic hotels, but recent ones, and that it would only attract the very wealthy. Most of the tourists who visit Ocean View tend to be middle or lower-class families, young adults and college students who can't afford fancier vacations, or the elderly. There's the year-round residents to consider as well, fishing folk and local small business owners and shop keepers.

The dark-haired young woman says she'll send the plans and the tapes to Senator Mothma the next day. They're about to go to the Rogues' party and meet Luke when they overhear a commotion downstairs...

Ran an episode of Star Wars: Rebels during breakfast, and began another while getting ready for work. In the first, Sabine and Kanan go on a mission to convince a group of Mandalorians who run the planet Concord Dawn to let the Rebels pass through their world after Hera is wounded trying to talk to them. Sabine wants revenge, but Kanan insists on peaceful methods of persuasion, even after it turns out their leader is being bribed by the Empire. In the end, Sabine and Kanan learn that both peace and fighting have their place.

In the second episode, we meet refugees who turn out to be some of Zeb's people. Zeb's species was mostly wiped out by the Empire, but a few survived. They want to find a new home predicted by their version of the Force, deep in uncharted space. Zeb's skeptical at first. He'd failed to save the rulers of his original planet. When the Empire goes after them and they find themselves navigating a minefield of black holes, it takes intervention from Zeb to make sure they all get home safely.

Work was a bit of a pain today. Three people called out in the front end. I got stuck in the register for almost an hour and a half at one point. Thank goodness they were able to get one of the kids to show up early. I did get to spend that last half-hour helping to round up carts and baskets, but I never got around to finishing the returns.

My schedule next week is somewhat similar to this week. Earlier on Sunday, slightly later on Friday. Same days off, Tuesday and next Saturday (Tuesday for counseling). On one hand, I'm glad I keep getting Saturdays off. Weekends in the early fall are filled with block parties, yard sales, festivals, fairs, book sales, bazaars, and flea markets. I had to miss most of them last year, partially because of early work, and partially because of bad weather. I'm really hoping to take in as many as I can this time. On the other hand, I still don't have enough hours.

I had a little more grocery shopping to do this week than last week. Picked up a composition notebook (I use them for journals when I can't afford the fancy ones) and a pack of sponges on the clearance racks. Restocked sugar, mandarin oranges, canned apricots, canned crushed pineapple, skim milk, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, peanut butter, and pads. (Had a coupon for the pads.) The bottles of Poland Sparkling Water were on a really good sale. I didn't really need eggs, but they were also on a great sale - I couldn't resist.

When I got home, I put everything away, then changed and had an early dinner. Did more Rebels while I ate. While on a routine mission to gather fuel, the crew of the Ghost encounter a school of whale-like space creatures called the Purgill. Hera isn't fond of them - they tend to eat the hull of spaceships and get in the way of hyperdrive lanes. Ezra feels a connection to them...and realizes why when he discovers that they're also after the fuel. But the Mining Guild has no intention of letting either the crew or the Purgill have that fuel...

Hera returns to her home planet of Ryloth to help capture an Imperial fighter. Her father Chaim is currently in charge of the resistance on Ryloth. He wants to destroy the fighter to show off the might of the planet. Chaim thinks Hera should concentrate her efforts closer to home; Hera thinks he should do more to help other planets. Father and daughter find themselves having to work together for everyone when the Imperials appear.

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