Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rebel Hearts

Slept in this morning. Began the day with breakfast, then went right into cleaning. I really needed to get the dusting in the bedroom done. It wasn't that bad, probably because I had the windows closed for most of August and only just opened them again a week or so ago, but it still needed to be done. The bookshelves get especially bad. It's getting to be a bit of a pain to dust under the Ever After High dolls, too. I really need to find them a shelf of their own.

Ran Summer Magic while I worked. Based after the book Mother Carey's Chickens, this Disney live-action musical takes us to the early part of the 20th century in New England. Nancy Carey's (Haley Mills) mother (Dorothy MacGuire) was just left widowed. Nancy sees this is a great opportunity to start over in the country. It turns out that a large yellow house in rural Maine is available for rent. The rich owners don't seem to be around, and the owner of the general store, Ossium Poppem (Burl Ives) doesn't mind if they stay. Nancy and her little brother Peter are thrilled. Her older brother's less happy, but he comes around eventually. They settle into the house, eventually joined by a rather snobby cousin from the city, and by Peter's oversized dog Sam. Nancy loves her new life, but the owner is ready to come back...and he may not be happy with the Careys living there...

Charming musical coming-of-age tale is a favorite of mine. If it sounds like Meet Me In St. Louis in rural New England, the same woman who wrote that, Sally Benson, also adapted this. I'm fond of the folksy Sherman Brothers score, too. Most of the Disney live-action musicals deserve more love, and this one is no exception. Check it out if you're a fan of the cast or musical coming-of-age tales.

Switched to the Pointer Sisters as I put up the fall decorations. I've been meaning to get around to this for ages, and just hadn't gotten there until today. This is the right time for it - the fall equinox is Wednesday, and it's supposed to cool off starting later this week.

I mostly have little things I've picked up here and there, from yard sales and craft stores - a pillow embroidered with fall leaf and acorn cut outs, a really pretty little wreath with fruit and seed-shaped glass beads in fall colors, tiny baskets of fall foliage, calico print pumpkins and apples, a big green stuffed apple, a red Beanie Baby squirrel. Mom gave me the metal and wood crow/leaf/pumpkin garlands from when she worked at Michael's. The plastic and fabric orange leaf garlands were freebies. For some reason, the Wildwood Acme had them, unused, in their storage room when they shut down to be remodeled in 2005. I volunteered to take them home (along with a wooden rack I now use for CDs).

Headed out to run errands around quarter after 1. I wasn't at the Oaklyn Library for very long. There was barely anything to do, and I'm tired of the endless bleating about political candidates no one likes on CNN. I did stick around to hear one of the customers mention her father had gotten stuck in really bad traffic on Cuthbert Road. Something about road repair and a major mess.

I took advantage of the information as I made my way over to the Westmont Plaza. I crossed at Cuthbert and the White Horse Pike instead of by Rite Aid. I could see something going on, lots of trucks, and a police car blocking the way by Wells Fargo. I had to walk the bike around the police car.

I had lunch at Westmont Bagel Shop. Either because of the traffic or because it was almost 2 by then, they weren't that busy. A group of elderly people arrived right before I did, and I saw a family with the most adorable baby girl. I enjoyed today's lunch special, a vegetable and cheese quesadilla with a bottle of water and chips, while watching the toddler's antics.

There was even less going on at the Haddon Township Library. I had a small pile of kids' DVDs to shelve and two audio CDs. I decided I'd leave the new releases and adult titles to the kids. I just took out two kids' sets. The second season of Star Wars: Rebels had arrived. I've been waiting for this one ever since I really enjoyed the first season set back in February. I think the third season premiere is this week. They have a few more Shirley Temple movies I either haven't seen at all or in years; went with Susannah of the Mounties.

Made a very quick stop at Thriftway next. I needed whole wheat flour. Unlike Acme, they still have a cheap generic brand. I also grabbed their 75 cent toilet paper since I was there. They were dead as a doornail, with no lines and barely anyone around.

Thankfully, by the time I headed home, the police cars and road blocks were gone. Good thing, too. It was rush hour. I had to dodge quite a bit of traffic, especially on Cuthbert.

Spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer, working on stories. I revised things a bit. Instead of getting the information themselves, Jyn's dad and "Fulcrum," the mysterious local DJ, got the info from an Empire Industries meeting. Trouble is, the only people who have the right equipment to run the tapes are the nerds, Arturro and Chip. Jyn and Leia convince them to come over and help them figure out what they're saying. Luke doesn't like it, but Leia's adamant. This information could save the Cottages.

I had a lot of veggies going bad in the crisper, so I threw together Ratatouille with my canned chicken for dinner. Watched a couple of episodes of Star Wars: Rebels as I ate. The crew of the Ghost are now officially part of the Rebellion...but some of them aren't too sure about giving up their independence. Darth Vader is now on their trail as well. When the Imperial head of Lothal tells them she wants to defect, they jump to help her. She's murdered before they get a chance...and the rap is pinned on them. Lando Calarissian helps them off Lothal.

After they escape the Imperials, they realize they can't go back to Lothal. They need a new base. Fulcrum - once Ashoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's pupil - suggests her old friend, who knows where everything is in the galaxy, can help. Turns out her old friends are elderly clone soldiers, who were decommissioned after the Empire started building their Stormtrooper army. Kanan, who still remembers how the clones betrayed the Jedi, doesn't trust them, but Ezra wants to give them a chance.

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Linda said...

Mother Carey's Chickens is a book, not a short story, and if you'd like to read it, it's at Project Gutenberg. There's another Carey sister in the story (Kathleen; Nancy in the movie is a combination of book Nancy and Kathleen), and there's an entire subplot left out about two children who are pretty much ignored by their academically-absorbed father.