Friday, September 09, 2016

In the Swim

Started off a sunny, hazy day with a school-themed episode of Tiny Toon Adventures as I ate breakfast and made the bed. "Looniversity Days" is an anthology of three shorts related to the Toons' place of learning. In the first story, Buster is sent to the principal's office for goofing off in Yosemite Sam's class. He's heard rumors of the terror that is the head of Acme Loo, but he quickly discovers that the intimidating dean isn't all he appears to be. Sweetie spends the second story chasing Bookworm around the library, hoping to have a learned worm lunch. The third has Nurse Elmyra in pursuit of Plucky, who has lied about being sick to get out of Foghorn Leghorn's pop quiz.

Worked on my story for the next couple of hours. I went back and added another antagonist - Peter Tarkin, Empire Industries' smarmy lawyer. He appears to try to buy the properties after the Imperial Gang has wrecked havoc. He shows up on Ben's front porch after the attack at the beach. Ben has dealt with him before. He once again throws him off his property. Leia and the crew of the Ghost see Tarkin join the Gang at the former Organa Island as well.

Headed out to run errands around quarter of 1. First stop was the Oaklyn Library for this week's volunteering session there. Not much going on. They were an hour from closing. It was mainly me, the librarian, another volunteer, and a couple of older women. I organized the DVDs and shelved some children's books before heading out.

Next on the agenda was lunch. I had considered Sonic, but it was 95 degrees outside. While it wasn't nearly as humid as it has been all summer, that's still too hot for eating outside. I stopped at Viola's International Deli and had their Chicken Parmesan Sandwich lunch special inside. Watched The Chew make a back-to-school burger and slaw recipe as I enjoyed my messy, cheese-laden hoagie and my can of Diet Mountain Dew.

Headed off to the Acme next to do grocery shopping. I didn't really need much. There was a really good sale on chicken this week. I got thighs and another pack of legs. Found a small, inexpensive container of shrimp, too. Restocked dark red kidney and navy beans, sugar (on a good sale), and white vinegar. Bought mini-muffins and Irwin's Spiced Wafers for snacks this weekend, since it's going to be too hot to bake again, and nectarines to make up for not being able to go to the Collingswood Farm Market tomorrow.

Pretty decent schedule this week. All short shifts and (except for Monday) early or mid-afternoon hours, Tuesday and next Saturday off. I really didn't have much planned for next week anyway besides writing, finishing the cleaning, and hanging up the fall decorations. Things should be quieter at work once the kids settle into classes and the heat dies down.

Put everything away as soon as I got home. When the last can was in the pantry, I gathered the rag rug in my bedroom and the entrance mat to air on the porch, then vacuumed. It didn't take me longer than 20 minutes. The apartment isn't in too bad of shape, but I did want to get up some of the hair that tends to accumulate.

Changed into my bathing suit and went to Dad's around quarter after 4. Rose and Khai were already there when I arrived, along with Jodie, Dad, Dana, and Jesse. Khai was eating an early pasta dinner while watching cartoons when I came in. I got bored with The Amazing Adventures of Gumball and went outside to hit the pool and talk to Dad instead.

The pool was cooler than the last time I was in, but not cold, probably in the lower 80's. Today was the pool's last hurrah for the season. Dad said he intends to close it tomorrow, before he and Jodie go on vacation next week.

The kids joined me later. Khai's friend Chloe and her brother came first, followed by Mary and her sister. They dived underwater and clung to bright-colored foam noodles and vinyl flotation devices. I laughed as they splashed and chased each other. Mary happily told me about she and her friends shopping without their parents for the first time. Chloe talked about stuffed animals and cartoons.

When the kids got tired of swimming, we all sat on towels on the brick patio and the grassy yard. Rose and Chloe's mom brought out lots of toys and stuffed animals. Chloe had Frozen dolls and the Descendants Evie doll and a beautiful Barbie in a fancy white gown. Khai hauled around a huge two-foot stuffed deer that was bigger than he was! Mary enjoyed the fruits of her shopping trip - a can of fancy gold putty and a box of popcorn-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans.

After the moms got the kids ready for dinner, I headed out. Stopped at Phillies Yummies on West Clinton for a treat. I've had good luck with chocolate banana flavors lately. Their Chocolate-Banana ice cream was just as good, creamy and sweet. It really hit the spot on such a hot day.

Finished up at home, eating shrimp and fruit for dinner and watching an episode of Garfield and Friends. Garfield's imagination soars when Jon leaves him a "Box 'O Fun," but Jon needs quiet to study for night school and keeps interrupting his daydreams. Orson Pig is having even more problems with his imagination running away with him in "Unidentified Flying Orson." A trick from Roy and a scary sci-fi movie has him thinking cheese danishes are really aliens in disguise. Lanolin the grumpy sheep sets him right. Jon puts Garfield into obedience school in "School Daze," but this "school" is more like a prison. Garfield turns the tables on the militant woman who runs the school.

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