Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eight Days A Week

The sun was shining when I awoke this morning, but it was also colder and the remaining snow had iced up a bit. However, the air was crisp and clear, and there wasn't a smidge of wind. I had a lovely ride to and from work today (other than the very cold bike seat - I wonder if it was frozen?).

Thank goodness after last Sunday, work was quick and no problem at all. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, maybe because of the lovely weather and vanishing snow (and none in the forecast for the foreseeable future). When I got out of work around 3:30, if it wasn't for the small piles of ice created by the snowplows on the edge of the Acme parking lot, you'd have never known it snowed at all. There were patches in shaded areas as I rode home, but it hardened and was nothing like yesterday's slush. (I am glad I cleared the steps off when I was able to, though. It would have been more difficult today, with the icier snow.)

It was such a nice day, I went for a quick walk to the WaWa on the White Horse Pike in Oaklyn, across from Family Dollar, after I got home. I did the soda fountain and made a Raspberry-Chocolate Coca Cola Zero. I love that soda fountain. No wonder Mom speaks so fondly of the soda shops she and Aunt Terri used to hang out at when they were kids.

Speaking of Mom, I called her when I got in. She was in quite a good mood. She'd just finished unpacking the last of the boxes from the old house with the help of Skylar, my sister Anny's 3-year-old son. Keefe was off with Anny, Skylar, and some of their friends in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, having taken the Cape May-Lewes Ferry over. I envied the trip. It was a perfect ferry day, and I haven't been on the ferry in ages.

Lauren's happy, too. She and her parents just found a nice house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, about a half-hour from where they are now. They're going to move April 10th.

Ugh. I don't know what's wrong with my stomach. I guess it didn't like the Baked Pork Ziti I had for dinner. Mom often says pork gives her indigestion; maybe that's the problem. I just took Pepto-Bismol. I hope that helps.

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Linda said...

Gosh, I have friends in Pittsfield. Nice place! Your mom is already unpacked???? I call that efficient.