Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let It Snow

After not seeing much winter weather this season besides last week's sleet and a mild storm in early December, we finally got some snow. It's a dusting, like powdered sugar, and it isn't sticking to the sidewalks and streets, but it's still pretty. I felt like I was riding under glitter when I came home from work! My porch looks like a flat pound cake dusted with sugar.

I spent most of the morning working on editing this month's Monkees Role Play, which will be going up as soon as I finish here.

Work was steady-to-dead for most of the night, except for around the 4PM-5PM rush hour, when all the panicked people coming home from work ran to the store for bread, eggs, and milk. I have no idea why people always suddenly decide they need those things when it snows. I can kind of understand the bread...but eggs and milk will be among the first things to go bad if the electricity goes out!

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