Friday, February 01, 2008

Rhythm of the Rain

It's a good thing I had no outdoor plans today. It poured the entire morning. And I don't just mean a half an inch and then it's cloudy. It deluged from when I got up at 8:30AM until around 1PM, and intermittently after that. I spent most of that time looking up and downloading the Financial Aid sheet. Now, I just need to find out when and where the testing for graduate school around here is. I hope it's not in Camden.

I did get some pilates in before Dad picked me up for work. It's the beginning of the month, a Friday, and the weekend of the Super Bowl, so we were mega-busy up until about 6:30. A lot of annoying people, too. People keep reading the signs wrong. (You really DO need to buy six packs to get the Canada Dry sale!) The people buying stuff for chop shops in Camden were out in full-force, too. I really do hope they work on better legislature to crack down on these people. We're losing valuable money and merchandise because they can't afford to buy from a warehouse like everyone else.

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