Monday, February 04, 2008

Finding A Way Out Of The Black Hole

Most of my day was devoted to cleaning, calling, and research. I called Rose this morning; she was in a class, so I did my first cleaning of the month instead. I got the kitchen and the bathroom done. The kitchen wasn't horrible, but the bathroom was pretty bad, and I'd like to get the Valentine's Day decorations up soon. Janice from the Acme called as I finished. Could I work tomorrow from 10:30AM to 3:30AM? Fine, I didn't have anything major planned for tomorrow.

Rose called back as I finished up the kitchen. First of all, between her law school classes and her broken car, we won't be going anywhere together for a while. Second, she reminded me that I need to take the Graduate Record Examinations, and that such things are expensive. Her similar test for Law School apparently cost $1,500! That scared me to death. Going to school is expensive enough. I'm not paying that much for one class.

I went online and checked the GRE's website. I tried to tell Rose that law school is something entirely different from regular graduate school, and this proves it. The general test was $140 minus fees. (And even with the fees only added up to a little over $500.) Either way, it's not a thousand. There's a testing center in Philadelphia on Chestnut Street and another in Deptford, near the mall.

I wonder if I could find someone who's been to graduate school recently for library sciences and find out how much it cost, how long it took, and whether or not it's even worth it? I am NOT going into further debt for an education that will get me nowhere. If Rose wants to be buried in debt for the rest of her life, that's on her.

Work was steady-to-busy until after the 4PM rush hour, when it died down to nothing.

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