Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Greener Yard

Finished raking the yard today. I did around the holy bush and the corner between Miss Ellie's van and the edge of the property. There's a tangle of bushes and trees between the house and Veteran's Park that helps to keep us secluded but wasn't fun to rake under. That part of the yard hadn't been done in a while, either. I also cleared sticks out of the big pile of leaves on the curb. (Apparently, the men who pick up the leaves are picky about what else is in the pile besides leaves.)

I feel so good. All together, I got the entire yard raked, helped a wonderful older woman and landlady out, got to spend six and a half hours outside on a gorgeous week, and earned $65 doing good, solid work. I haven't felt this good in a while.

Work, on the other hand, was a repeat of yesterday. Mildly busy during the usual 4PM-5PM rush hour, dead otherwise. A long and very boring afternoon.

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