Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sacred Cow...Trophy

I won my first WebKinz Arcade trophy today! I'd just hit a big row on Cash Cow, and the barn door opened and said "A surprise is waiting for you at your room!" Sure enough, when I went to my rooms, a Cash Cow Trophy was sitting in the dock! I'm so thrilled. I've read about other people winning trophies, sometimes enough to decorate whole rooms with them, but I hadn't won a trophy until now.

To show off my prize and finally use a few other pieces I've won from various places, I made my Game Room today. It has the Game Room items I got from the Series 1 Trading Cards, the second Air Hockey Game that came from the Wheel of Wishes, a Pool Table, and the Modern Loungers and Pirate Side Tables. (The latter two will likely be replaced if and when I get more Game Room furniture.) The former "Game Room" is now back to being a "Sitting Room. (Really, it's an organized storage room for furniture I want to get out of the dock but don't know what to do with).

Oh, and I finally got the Sea Stone today in the Gem Mines. I only have four stones left (one blue, one green, two white), and then I'll finally have the Crown of Wonder!

The weather was really weird today, and continues to be so. The sun was shining and the sky was blue when I headed to the bank and to Doria's Deli for eggs, brown sugar, and turkey lunch meat, but by the time I got home, clouds were beginning to roll in. Shortly after Strawberry Shortcake ended, it started to rain and thunder. That lasted for all of 20 minutes. By the time I went to work, it was sunny again, but there were more clouds on the horizon.

Work was on-and-off dead. It would get steady...then, when the clouds rolled in, everyone would clear out. The day went sooo slow. I wasn't the only one who thought so, either. A lot of my co-workers complained about it throughout the day.

I rode home in stillness and sunshine...but once again, there were clouds on the horizon. It hasn't rained or thundered since I got home, but the Internet is acting up again, a good indication that there are still storms in the area.

Oh, and thanks to my Mom for the wonderful birthday card and surprise! :D

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