Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moody Blues and Grays

Another round of storms left gloomy skies and damp weather over the South Jersey area. It looks like it'll linger all week, which makes it just as well I intend to spend the majority of this week cleaning the apartment. I slept late and listened to the Beatles while eating a very quick breakfast before heading to work.

Work was a total, complete zoo. There were very long lines all over the store all day long. The cool temperatures and blah weather must have finally driven people to the store after almost a month of so-so business. The lines weren't helped by all the people we were missing. We had two call-outs and few people to replace them, with half the store's employees having gone on vacation.

That's why I'm posting early tonight. I work at 6AM tomorrow. This is another reason why I really, really hate my job. I wouldn't mind working so early if I did it all the time and wasn't riding my bike. I seriously hope it doesn't rain tomorrow morning like it's supposed to, because I'll never be able to get a ride at 6AM.

I'd love to have a job with consistent hours! I so want to feel like someone who graduated college and went out to the job force like she was supposed to.

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