Saturday, April 05, 2008

Underneath It All

I had my second dentist appointment today. It was spent getting x-rayed and having my teeth cleaned as well as the ladies could without the spraying machine that wouldn't work - they did it by hand with a pick.

It turns out my teeth are in worse shape than I thought, probably thanks to not having been to a dentist in 8 years. There were copious calcium deposits under my teeth that were causing the gums to bleed. The tooth that was filled last time is still sensitive and sore, and there's still the chipped tooth and at least three other cavities. One of the dentists cleared the calcium deposits off, but I'll have to go back in another month for the rest and for a more thorough cleaning. In the meantime, I'll be brushing with a toothpaste and toothbrush made for sensitive teeth and using a gel for hypersensitivity. I stopped really quick at the bank after I left the dentist (the bank is less than a block from the dentist's office), then went home, had a quick lunch, and went back out to work.

Work was on-and-off busy, nothing major other than some obnoxious beginning-of-the-month people and we just didn't have enough help assigned later in the day. (For some reason, I finished my shift at 5:45 and there wasn't help coming in until 6.)

I picked up yogurt (on sale), ant bait (I've been seeing them around the kitchen and bathroom sinks again), light bulbs (the big light in my bedroom blew out - again), and milk, then made a quick stop at FYE to pick up The Illusionist. This month's Monkees role-play is based after the idea of the boys going up against a magician with real powers. Lauren saw the movie and liked it, so I bought it to get some ideas.

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