Saturday, October 02, 2021

Book Harvest

Started off a gorgeous blue and gold morning with breakfast and the sixth and final season of Hogan's Heroes. Sargent Ken Baker (Kenneth Washington) makes his debut here, replacing the departed Kinch as radio man. He has to help Hogan keep camp chef Louis LeBeau from heeding the call of General Charles de Gaulle to join the Free French, or Carter will have to handle the "Cuisine a la Stalag 13." 

Headed out around 10 for the Collingswood Farm Market. It was a glorious day for it, too, sunny and searing blue, with lazy thin clouds scuttling across the sky. Soft breezes rippled emerald green waters and yellowing leaves as I rode through Newton Lake Park, occasionally dodging dog walkers or other bikers. 

The Farm Market was elbow-to-elbow today with people picking up fall produce for football parties and school events. I bought my yearly pumpkin today. I always buy a small "pie" pumpkin for display in my apartment until Thanksgiving or it goes bad, whichever comes first. I never carve my pumpkin. I'm not good at cutting. I'm afraid I'd end up carving me! Also picked up a cucumber, a tomato, feta cheese with herbs, small Gala apples, and green beans. 

Followed the crowds down the street to Collingswood's annual Book Festival. Every year on the first Saturday of October, the town library holds a big book fair on Haddon Avenue. Local authors sell their latest titles and meet their fans and fellow authors. Poets recited their verses in one tent; teens heard reviews and discussions of their favorite books in another. Kids had their own section, with games, songs, and picture book readings. 

My favorite part - and the main reason I was there - are the used book sellers on the last two blocks. Used book stores display their wares on the booths and tables along the curbs. I never fail to find something interesting here, and this year is no exception.

Ended up with:

I've read many of the Dear America books, but I've yet to try their north-of-the-border counterparts Dear Canada. Went with the World War I-set Brothers Far From Home, an English immigrant's tale A Prairie as Wide as the Sea, and To Stand On My Own, about a girl who lived through a polio epidemic in 1937 (which I thought was especially appropriate right now). 

Bread and Roses Too by Katherine Paterson

Firebird, a retelling of the Russian fairy tale by Mercedes Lackey

The original casts of The Will Rogers Follies and the 1997 revival of 1776 on CD

Rosemary Clooney - For the Duration, a collection of songs from World War II

Vol 4 of the original Good Eats DVD sets

The French musical The Young Girls of Rochefort on DVD

The church on Haddon Avenue always does a used book sale of their own in their front courtyard on the day of the Book Festival. I didn't find anything there...but I did smell the heady, buttery scent of the kettle popcorn vendor next-door drifting across the yard. It smelled so good, I bought a small "teaser" bag. (And it was good, just the right sweet-salty.) 

Checked out two coffee shops before I decided I was in the mood for a less fancy drink.  Stopped at a busy WaWa and bought a "Voo Dew" Mountain Dew mystery flavor instead. (Verdict - tastes like liquid Skittles.)

Briefly stopped at Dollar General on the way home. I needed chocolate chips, and they're much cheaper there than anywhere else; also badly needed sponges. Grabbed my favorite pecan roll, too. (And forgot something else I badly needed - toilet paper.)

Returned to Hogan's Heroes when I got home and started putting everything away. Finished "The Experts," which I began before I left. This may be the darkest episode of a series that usually played its war shenanigans for comedy. After the Gestopo shoot down a guard, the guys run to the rescue of his research partner in the hope that he'll avoid the same fate. 

Moved on to "Klink's Masterpiece" while throwing together a fruit smoothie for lunch. Hard pressed to get oversized maps out of the country, Hogan encourages Klink to take up painting. He hides the maps in back of the canvas...but Klink is attached to his work and may not be willing to sell.

Cleaned up while running "The Gestopo Takeover." This one also get pretty dark as the Gestopo, including Major Hoschstetter, take over the Luftwaffe camps and oust their staffs. Hogan, with Baker and Carter's help, ends up having to blackmail a colonel to keep Klink and Schultz from leaving. 

Dressing the dolls for cooler October weather was next on the agenda. Molly and Whitney got to try on the new dresses I bought from Barrington Antique Center last week. Molly's blue gingham fits her perfectly, but Whitney's purple floral with the black lace was too big. I tied a red ribbon around her waist as a sash to make it fit properly. 

The other dolls had fewer problems with their outfits. Samantha's in her blue and white windowpane check Play Dress and ruffled white pinafore with white stockings and black and white boots. Jessa goes late '90's casual in capris, Springfield Collection jean sneakers, a gray t-shirt, an olive bucket hat, and a navy blue sweatshirt hoodie. Felicity's in her original Rose Garden meet dress; Josefina has on her current scarlet and blue print meet skirt and camisa. Ariel wears the Our Generation Retro preppy outfit with the salmon-colored knit vest and brown plaid skirt. 

Replaced the color ink in the printer after I put the dolls' things away, then did some writing. Charles is nervous as heck about being interrogated by the Red King. He's so scared, he eats his cup and tries drinking his bread and butter! King Allen is amused; the Red King isn't. He demands he come up with evidence, or he'll be sent to the un-magical land of Limbo with the Jabberwock.

Broke for dinner at 7. Finished up the first Hogan's Heroes disc while eating shrimp and a salad for dinner. Lord Chitterly (Bernard Fox) is in Germany to negotiate surrender to England. Newkirk in particular isn't keen on that happening, so they kidnap him and replace him with his double, the equally incompetent but far more patriotic Colonel Crittendon. They first have to convince his wife that he's not her traitorous husband, then hope that "Lady Chitterly's Lover" is on the level in this two-part story.

Ended the night on Amazon Prime with the version of Cinderella that came out a few weeks ago. I go further into this girl-power fairy tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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