Thursday, October 07, 2021

Heroes and Matches

Started off my day with a quick breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Hogan's saying "That's No Lady, That's My Spy" when Newkirk has to dress as a woman to deliver life-saving medicine to an agent. It's not so easy for him to blend in at a charity tea party Klink holds for local ladies, especially with Buckhalter and his hungry wife lurking around.

Headed off to work even before the episode ended. Work was a bit of a pain. I ended up cleaning the bathroom a lot. The men's bathroom was still out of order for a lot of the afternoon, but try telling the men that! They kept ignoring the signs and going in anyway. I had to clean up the bathrooms, and sweep the store, and try to get out and do carts with no help. The head bagger ended up in the register all day, and the afternoon bagger went home early, claiming he had a headache. 

Went straight home after I dashed out. Jodie greeted me at the front door. She had half of a burger and fries leftover in my fridge for me. She also said she'd drive me to the Cherry Hill train platform at 9 AM if I was willing to go to the 30th Street Station early. I asked her when she planned on buying a house at the Shore. She says she'll be staying with her aunt and uncle for a while until the house is fully sold and the market calms down. I assumed she'd want to buy a house as quickly as possible and get out of their house and on her own.

Watched Match Game '77 while eating that half of a burger and fries. Richard's in fine fettle in this episode. He jokes about taking the audience member who owns a random shoe on the floor to the ball, and then parrots Gene when he's the only one who has to answer a question. Gene scolds Charles for eating on-camera, but he's more interesting in greeting an adorable lady from Manilla in her native language. 

Worked on writing after I finished dinner. Brett doesn't get a chance to protest Charles being sent to Limbo before King Allen of Hearts calls the next witness. Duchess Marcia's cook Mary knows nothing about anything, other than there isn't enough pepper in the tarts and the atmosphere. She's sent along quickly with her pepper grinder.

Finished the night online with About Face. I go further into this military comedy from 1953 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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