Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Just Plain Tired

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Katerina, Dan, and Miss Elaina are preparing for Dress-Up Day, the Neighborhood equivalent of Halloween. Daniel is delighted to find a costume for his favorite character, Tigey the Adventure Tiger, while Elaina makes her robot costume. Katerina can't decide what she wants to be...until she comes up with a very creative solution for "Katerina's Costume!" O the Owl is especially excited to show off his traffic light costume on "Dress Up Day," but when he rips his paper lights, he has to decide what else he wants to be.

Hurried off to work after that. Thankfully, no problems with the Uber drivers. The one who picked me up in the morning arrived in less than 7 minutes; the afternoon driver got to the Acme in 6. 

Wish work went as well. It wasn't so bad in the morning. They got one of the stock boys to do the inside sweeping and checking the bathrooms, leaving me to gather the carts and replace the trash and recycling. It helped that it was dead all morning, too. The day was sunny and warm, probably in the upper 60's-lower 70's, much too nice for shopping. 

The trouble started after the young man ended up in a register around 1. Not only did it start picking up at this point (though it never did become overwhelming), but I was now the only bagger. The evening bagger called out. Every time I tried to sweep or go outside to round up carts, someone would call me to take boxes to the baler or clean up a spill or put a cold item away, always at the same time. I tried to do the best I could, but I was so tired and frustrated, I was going crazy. 

There were a few sales on this week I couldn't turn down. Sugar was 99 cents with an online coupon, and I badly needed it; the new Silver Blossom raw honey was free with another. The Acme's generic brown eggs were on sale with a third. 

I was so worn out, when I got home, I changed and lay down with Match Game '75. Fannie Flagg continues her flirtation with that high school gym teacher, even dancing with him at one point. Meanwhile, Ethel Merman tries to get Brett to stop imitating her. 

Started watching Match Game '77...but I closed my eyes and didn't open them until the second episode was almost over. Made fried eggs with a green salad while watching Match Game PM instead. Foster Brooks and Lorna Patterson, along with sarcastic semi-regular Marcia Wallace, got to meet proud Brooklyn resident LeRoy. It's Marcia who has to help win 20,000 with "Twilight __."

Made "The Vermont" Maple Cookies with that syrup I bought in Vermont while watching Sale of the Century. There was a close game today, with the ladies neck and neck for most of the time and the man coming up in the end. The champ bought a lovely cedar wardrobe and still blew everyone away at the Speed Round. This was a 1988 episode, which means she didn't do quite as well at the guess-the-word puzzle bonus round.

Finished the night online with Too Close for Comfort. The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour premiers on YouTube have showed the week featuring the cast this week. This mid-80's sitcom had Ted Knight as a cartoonist whose two grown daughters Sara and Jackie move into the apartment downstairs. Nancy Dussault is his sensible wife. "Sara's Monroe Doctrine" brings in annoying and needy neighbor Monroe Ficus (Jm J. Bullock), who follows her everywhere after he's dumped. The two even end up in jail when they try to be street singers. Henry and Muriel have to bail them out...but Monroe ends up doing something sweet for them when he causes trouble on their anniversary

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