Saturday, October 09, 2021

Don't Fence Me In

Began a very quick morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. It's "Klink for the Defense" when heroic Luftwaffe Colonel Haufmann is branded a traitor and put on trial. With Klink as his hapless attorney, he has no chance of getting away with his life, unless the guys can come up with some evidence fast. 

Ironically, considering all the trouble I had with Uber in the winter and early spring, I had no problems at all with them today. Once I got to them on my laptop, the driver arrived within seven minutes. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone after work, but once I did, I got a driver in three minutes. 

Work didn't go as well. It was quiet when I arrived, but it picked up around 10:30-11 AM and never slowed down. I just couldn't keep up with everyone. The printer jammed at one point, and I held up the line trying to pull out the pieces of paper. Everyone was nice about it, but I felt bad for holding up the line. I also got mixed up and thought my fifteen-minute break was when my half-hour break was. They just sent me right into my half-hour break.

Needed money for vacation and to do some grocery shopping after work. Mostly wanted snacks for my train trip on Wednesday; picked up a Kind granola bar, a pack of trail mix, and a box of apple-cinnamon granola bars on clearance. Also grabbed unsweetened coconut and a container of corn meal off the clearance rack. Had online coupons for canned pineapple and Turkey Hill ice cream; thought I'd try their fall Pumpkin Cookie Dough flavor. Fresh cranberries are in; I had to get a bag. Found a small container of shrimp for dinner. Restocked canned pineapple, mandarin orange cups, butter, yogurt, apples, bananas, peanut butter, and conditioner. 

Rose tried to call me all day. I finally got back to her when I got home and changed. She thinks I need better tires for the bike, or I need to call Deptford and see what they say about all the blow-outs. She also suggested I start taking public transportation more once I move. It was one thing to rely on the bike when I lived at Manor, which was in an odd location, but most other apartments here are closer to the main roads. I don't think she really understands. I can't always count on the buses being there when I need them to be. Sometimes, I have to take the bike. 

One thing I do agree with her about - I'm going to have to call out of work or take more time off if I want to get an apartment. I lost out on two potential homes because I didn't have the time to see them. Not to mention, working seven days in a row or more is detrimental to my mental and physical health. Yes, I know everyone is short on help...and I'm tired of caring. Right now, finding a home is the important thing. 

Had shrimp and salad for dinner, then made chocolate chip cookies. Watched more Hogan's while I worked. "The Kamakazis are Coming," or at least a new rocket the guys find in the woods. They can't get it on base...but Russian spy Marya's new lover can. Hogan's appalled when she asks him to defect, but reconsiders when she offers him the rocket in trade. 

General Buckhalter's sister Gertrude's fiancĂ© is assigned to be Klink's new assistant...but it's really "Kommendant Gertrude" who calls the shots. Unlike her sweetheart or Klink, she has enough sense to realize what's going on and actually run the camp like a prison. The boys try to break up her romance to get her and her fiancĂ© out of camp. 

"Hogan's Double Life" has him playing a Nazi officer and himself in order to deflect a Gestopo major from sniffing around. He needs to find someone to turn the guy onto...and Klink and his own alternate persona are perfect for the job. 

Switched to Angelina Ballerina on The Roku Channel while pulling the cookies out of the oven. Angelina and Sammy, the boy she dislikes most in the world, are "Two Mice In a Boat" when they're thrown together to create an entry in the local boat pageant. They can't decide what they want their theme to be...until the boat almost sinks, and they have to work together to keep it afloat. Angelina badly wants to attend "The Costume Ball," but it's for adults only. She and her best friend Alice sneak out after their baby sitter falls asleep anyway, only to be given away when Alice wants to indulge in all the tasty treats. 

Finished the night online after a shower with The Phantom Tollbooth. I go further into this unusual live action/animated hybrid from Chuck Jones at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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